Saturday, November 6, 2010

Trying something different!

My daughter and I were going to attend a stage version of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Halloween. And we thought, ok... it's Halloween and it is Rocky Horror, so we wanted to crazy it up! What are the wildest clothes we own? And what else do we need? Well Lindsey said, one of her favorite characters wears a top hat. And we saw these cute small witch hats, on a head band and it gave me an idea! Small top hats on headbands. I did some research, found some different ideas and off I ran! So here they are, made of recycled cereal boxes cut into shapes, covered in felt, a little glue, ribbon, tule, flowers, and glitz! They came out pretty cute and we had a blast wearing them! Oh and Rocky Horror live... was crrraaazzzyyy!!! Until next time... Tj.

Front, back and close up of Lindsey's red top hat and my black top hat:

Monday, November 1, 2010

Giants take it all!

World Series Champions!!!!! Congratulations!!!

Ok now that the series is over maybe I can get back to some art! Whew... that was fun!

Be well... Tj.