Monday, February 22, 2010

Self portrait

Ok, this is hard! A self portrait? Who knew it would be so hard to paint yourself? Well this is my first attempt at a self portrait, so... Does not really "look" like me... of course I don't do realism very well at all, I need some training for sure! I'm going to call this "50 years ago". Me looking at me. A photo from when I was about 3, with my dog Tinka. It is for the self portrait project at Art House gallery. I am not thrilled with it, but it has to get in so... oh well. 8x10 on wrapped canvas.

Be well!!! Tj.

Friday, February 19, 2010

True life story #99

I got a new laptop! Wow! This is amazing, clear, bright, colorful!!!!! I am having a little trouble typing... oh well! I will adjust!

Tonight my hubby and I had a date, some of a rare thing, one of us is usually busy with something. We went out for dinner and then to a belly dancing show. It was refreshing to see women of ALL sizes dancing and sexy and fun. Big is beautiful!!!! Nice event and a great evening with my honey! Be well... Tj.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whew…. What a weekend!

The Second Saturday shows went great! The Kennedy Gallery had sold several pieces for the benefit before I arrived, I do not know if any of my pieces sold. But… I sold the "He gave her his heart" piece at the Vox Sacramento artist reception on Friday night! Nice!!! The woman who bought them, Tania, was so excited and really loved them. I am still amazed when someone hands me money for my art. I was like, really? Are you sure? And she handed me a check… yes! The reception on Saturday night at Vox was nice. Lots of people came through and great music.

The last stop on my Second Saturday trek was at the Marco Fuoco gallery for the Erotica show. What an interesting event that was! The show was great, lots of wonderful art. They had only a couple of pieces that crossed the line from Erotica to Porn, and they didn't hang them. They did however show them, when they were sure that no children were present, my friend Jen would hold them up and walk around with them… kind of like those girls at a boxing match holding up the numbers. There was a fashion show of a line of clothes Marco designed several years ago. Sexy clothes made of beautiful dyed silks that he designed. And there were dancers, a little belly dancing, a little strip. LOTS of people attended. Oh and I sold 4 little paintings, 3 valentines and 1 other 5x5 painting I had there. Woo hoo! All in all a great Second Saturday!!!

Valentines day my hubby was playing, he has a regular Sunday gig, so I went out and spent some time with him. It was a very nice afternoon, I got to just sit and relax and I love spending time with my honey!

I will be back in my studio, working on a piece for the Virtual Paintout challenge, we are doing San Francisco scenes this month. I started a piece last weekend of the corner of Haight and Ashbury. And I am going to be doing a self portrait for a project with Art House Co-op. Next? Well, I have a commission piece I will be working on for one of my very oldest friends Carolee. Ok, no she is not the oldest person I know, we have been friends for a REALLY long time! Since 6th grade, and we won't mention how many zillions of years ago that was! :) Love you Carolee!!!
Be well, be creative, until next time... Tj.

Friday, February 12, 2010


I completed 13 small works for Valentines Day. 10 are acrylic on 3x3 mini canvas and come with a little easel, one of them, L&B was a special order! Then there are 3 that are 5x5 deep canvas stand alone. How fun this was!!! They are going to be available Second Saturday at the Marco Fuoco Gallery! Be well... Happy Valentines day! Tj.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a couple of things...

I dropped of the 4 little paintings at the Kennedy Gallery Art Center today. What a wonderful space! I met Michael Misha Kennedy, very nice man and talented artist. The gallery has a great feel, and they have a pay it forward philosophy, like to support the community. Just a good vibe. They have several really wonderful resident artists. The gallery also does some consignment work, and currently houses a Picasso and a Warhol. Prints I'm sure, but cool none the less! He loved my little paintings and said the daisies may not make it to the wall. His sister loves daisies! Yay!

Did you hear about the current weekly project at the Art House Co-op? In honor of their new space in Brooklyn, they invited people to contribute to their first show. Everyone was to take a photo at the same time around the world. Tonight, February 5th, 2010 at 11:11 Eastern Standard time. Which in California is 8:11. Then print and mail the 4x6 photo to them! You can find more out here. At 8:11, my hubby Joe and I were watching the Sacramento Kings get their butts kicked by Phoenix. Ug. Our Kings are sad again this year, but they have some really good young players, so maybe next year? Here is the photo of us watching, with our feet up on the ottoman. Yes I have sock monkey slippers on!! :) I'm sending in to be part of the exhibit! Ha!!! How fun is that! That's all for today enjoy your weekend! Be well... Tj.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Art With Heart show

Here are the 4 small paintings I am donating to the Art with Heart charity event. All are small 4x6 inches. Postcard size.

Photoshop fun...