Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home repair

One thing is for sure, home repair never is as easy or take as short a time estimated. Well if I am doing the estimate I guess! Bedroom windows did not get installed yesterday, I didn't know the windows we need were different than the stock windows they sell at Lowes! We had to order the windows, they will be around 14 days. Oh well... the bathroom is much closer to completion. The shower/tub surround is done! Tim did a great job. The shower is functioning, and the bathroom is painted. It's pink! This pretty pale pink, called Sugar Egg Pink. We need to install the new floor and hang the towel racks. Lindsey's room is almost done too so she'll be able to start to move in a couple of days. Whew... I'm tired.

I am adding another painting I did recently, it was for Thaddeus (my nephew) for making honor roll! He loves dragons! Ok, enough for today, be well, Tj.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just because...

Well I already skipped a day. I told myself I wouldn't do that when I started my blog. Oh well, such is life I guess! It's Friday, yeah! Fridays are good days but I am usually pretty tired by the end of the week. Guess I'm no kid anymore! Tonight I'm painting... walls, still. Tomorrow my brother Tim comes over to replace 2 windows downstairs. Hopefully the down stairs will be ready for Lindsey to move soon!
Next week is a short work week. Friday being the 4th of July! My husband Joe is playing a gig up at Lake Tahoe and part of the pay is a room!! We get a chance to get away together, I get to hear him play, and we get to breath some air! At least I hope Tahoe isn't as smokey as it is here in the valley. I am going to bet it isn't. Air would be nice, I am growing tired of breathing this stuff. Anyway, he is playing with Ron Bombardier and the Bayou Boys Band as part of the Valhalla music series at the Tallac Historic Site in South Lake Tahoe. There is the Star Spangled Fourth Lights on the Lake celebration, which is supposed to be the largest synchronized fireworks display west of the Mississippi! WOW! I love the big fireworks, the safe and sane set off yourself kind, not so much. But the BIG ones I just love!
Something else we have to look forward to, we just scheduled our summer vacation! Yeah!!! The end of July we are going to spend 8 nights just south of Santa Cruz, rented a house right on the ocean. Ahhhhh. We take a vacation every year with my brother and his kids. It's been a great tradition that I hope we can continue even though the kids are all getting older! Thaddeus, my nephew, is now 10 and he is the youngest of the gang. The board walk will be fun for him and the rest of us too! Heather, my niece, is 15. They will probably both bring friends along. My daughter Lindsey has a friend who lives there and attends UC Santa Cruz so she will look forward to spending time with her! Joe and I plan to do a lot of walking on the beach, and sitting and staring at the ocean. Maybe I'll actually get time to do some painting too! Canvas' of course, not walls… :)
Ok, well I guess that's it for today… or at least now, maybe more later. I am going to paint again (walls not canvas)... Be well. Until next time… Tj.
Oh and here is another painting I did, one of my very first, almost 2 years ago. Painted for my friend Carolee. Her and her hubby moved from the Elk Grove area to just West of Santa Rosa in the wine country. This was a house warming gift. It is called "The view from Carolee's Tub" And it is too. She has awesome views!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New in my pierced girl series

Kiki is the latest pierced girl. I am having fun with these girls, each seem to take on a life of her own. Kiki has pink highlighted hair. We'll see where the next one takes me! Good night for now. Tj.


My eyes are burning, my throat is scratchy and sore. YUCK! Anyone in the Sacramento Valley is feeling the same thing. The news this morning from Cal Fire is California has 1000 fires burning today. Now some are small, less than an acre, but some are huge and all the smoke is filling up the valley. We are like a bowl and with the heat acting as the top holding it all in! Not good. The air quailty control board tells us to stay inside as much as possible. Even healthy people are likely to show health symptoms, ug. I want to just run to the coast to breathe!! Ok well I always want to be at the coast anyway, but now even more. Someday in the not so distant future I will retire from my state job, get out of this gray cubicle, and move to the coast. I will sit by the sea and paint my days away! Ahhhh… I feel less stressed just thinking about it. All my family and friends will come and stay with me for vacations and holidays right? Be well. Tj.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

It's Tuesday!

Today is Tuesday. Today is the first day of my blogging life! Sounds like the start of some old saying… But Tuesdays are good days for me. I’ve made it past Monday, Yeah! My husband is off on Tuesday nights so we usually get to spend some time together. Tonight we are going to paint our downstairs bathroom.

I have a great family. My very talented musician husband Joe, beautiful and talented college student and thespian daughter Lindsey, she turned 21 last December, and my wonderful son Nick the World Series of Poker dealer who is 26. He is living in Las Vegas for now, I miss him. We live in an old house in down town Sac with our 2 dogs, 3 cats and our bird. It’s a great old house and has a separate basement apartment. Nick did live down there for many years, but he’s moved on, and now it’s Lindsey’s turn! We are doing some repairs before she moves down. We have painted the bedroom a pretty turquoise and cream, and we are going to put new windows in. We are redoing the tub surround in the bathroom which is almost done, painting the room pink and putting in a new stone looking tile floor. Once those 2 rooms are done Lindsey can move; she will be really happy when she can move. She’s been looking forward to it for a while!! It is taking longer than we thought it would… but time passes and little by little we are getting it done! My brother Tim has many talents that we are putting to good use. I owe him a lot! He has done so much for us, THANK YOU TIM!!! I am an extremely lucky sister.

Once we are done downstairs, we are going to do some rearranging upstairs and Joe and I will have more space to spread out too. Lindsey’s old bedroom will become our office; our current office is going to be my art studio and sewing room. I am very excited about having my own art studio. My art. I love my art, and love to create. My art is my way to relax, I lose track of time when I paint. My art is what has sparked my interest in blogging. I am a multi layered girl, have many interests and I’m at a point in my life where I think I am trying to recreate who I am. I paint, I write, I am learning to play the Ukulele, I sew, I crochet, I garden, I’m into photography and I work full time! Huh? Do I sleep? Well I do love to sleep so YES! Ok, I think this is a good start for my very first blog. It’s a good life and it’s a good Tuesday. To whoever might read this, be well and enjoy yourself!!!