Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

Just a quick note to say Happy New Year to all!!! I will be at the Torch Club tonight, my hubby Joe is playing with Stacie Eakes and the Superfreaks. This is our 4th New Years Eve there with Stacie, always a great time!!! Our home computer had to be rushed off to the PC hospital, hopefully we will be back on line soon and I'll resume my blogging. Be safe and enjoy! Tj.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What lies beneath...

I am so confused this time of year. I want to be happy and joyous and I try to be but you see I am conflicted. 21 years ago tomorrow, my mom passed away. Yes on Christmas day 1987. And 19 years ago yesterday in 1989 my first husband and my son's father passed away, he wasn't my husband any longer but we still spent time together as a family and I still loved him.

I watched an old video of Christmas 1989 the other night. I saw my adorable little kids opening their presents, Nick was 8 and Lindsey was 3, they were so cute. I saw a smile on my face, but sadness in my eyes. What lies beneath.

I heard Nick ask in a sad little boy voice as he opened a present from his dad, how do you know this is from my dad? Because I wrapped it, my response, with a half smile on my face. What lies beneath.

Still today I say out loud Merry Christmas, and when I do it feels like a stab in my heart. What lies beneath.

I try to put up lights and decorate with Christmas spirit, but just want to scream. What lies beneath.

I want nothing more to bring back that Christmas joy I used to feel this time of year but I am torn. What lies beneath.

My smile feels like a cardboard cutout on a stick, I hold in front of my face. A facade to cover the sadness that overwhelms. Why is it still hard today so many years later… well it will probably always be. I'll dust off the cut out smile on a stick, and hold it up for all to see. I will wish merriment and joy, love and celebration to the world because that IS what I want. That IS really what lies beneath, I just figured it out, OMG I get it now. Tears of joy!!!

Wishing everyone the joy and wonder of Christmas. Thanks, love and blessings to you all.

I have my Swell Sister Laurelin to thank. We have a writing thread on the Swell Sister website where someone writes something and then gives the next word or phrase. Laurelin gave "cardboard cutout" as the next phrase. I have been struggling the past few days and I started to write about my struggle for my blog. Then I read the post with the phrase cardboard cutout and it all made sense to me. I started to write and it brought me a revelation. I thank you Laurelin with my whole heart.

Be well... Tj.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dedicated to my mom...

Memories of youth explode as visions of sugar and creamy butter this time of year.
Mom's yearly ritual of creating sweet treats for all who crossed our porch
Caramel, divinity, fudge, marshmallow
The sound of scissors slicing waxed paper to small squares
Spooning golden gooey caramel hoping to hit the paper
Rolling and twisting attempting to trap the sweet surprises
The feeling in the spoon handle as it scraps the metal bowl
Scooping pink, blue and white clouds of whipped mixture
Puffs of sweet corn syrup confections float through my thoughts
Pouring smooth creamy cocoa brown melted concoction from the pan
Hoping to level the luscious liquid on the plate with the old wooden spoon
The smell of chocolate fudge whirls through my memory, I still smell it now.
Rolling the sticky white marshmallow in a messy mound of chopped walnuts
Fingers covered in nuts and candy
Mom’s smiling face smudged with who knows what
and her singing off key
The sights, sounds and smells of my mom’s kitchen rush back to me for the holidays
The kitchen table was the place to be. I miss that.
But mostly, I miss her.

Be well! Tj.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Long time no blog!

Gosh I haven't blogged in so long where to begin?? Ok, well last I blogged was just before Thanksgiving. Ours was nice. My brother Tim and nephew Thaddeus and my daughter Lindsey's girlfriend Kelsi all joined us. So there were 7 for dinner. The turkey this year came out juicy and delicious and I had a big bird, 18 pounds. So we had left over's for quite a while!

I had that week off from work, so we got a lot done. There were still boxes and bags of stuff we didn't know what to do with in our dinning room left from moving Lindsey downstairs, our office to Lindsey's old bedroom, and creating my art studio in our old office. How do we collect so much junk anyway?? Oh yea, we are collectors of stuff that is for sure! But the time off gave me the opportunity to go through those boxes and bags left and I got rid of a butt load of junk. Also, we organized and filed things that needed to be put away. My hubby Joe was amazing. He cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen and help organize. By the time Thanksgiving arrived we were very clean and organized! Wonderful!!!

I did some painting too, I had to have my 2 pieces for the Swell Sister's Gather the Women Second Saturday show done by last Saturday for hanging. So I had work to do! But I have to say they turned out really great! I painted on repurposed tile board that we had left from the downstairs bathroom redo. And I purchased old frames from a thrift store. The painting flowed into the frames, making the piece one large piece of art, not a framed painting. I think it is very folk artsy! I am going to do more of them! I took some photos, but am hoping to get better photos now that they are hanging. I used a gloss varnish on them, and when I took the photos it was not very light, so I had to use a flash. The gloss finish really picked up the flash, so I am hoping I can take some photos without a flash now that they are hanging. Once I have better photos I'll post!

Lets see what else happened, oh I went to a rehearsal with the Jahari Sai Trio. That was fun! My hubby Joe and I have 2 songs worked out to play at the Swell Sister show. So, at their rehearsal I showed up with my ukulele and plugged in! First time I ever plugged in my Uke. It sounded pretty good amplified! I am a little nervous about my debut, in public, playing music. What what??? Ok ok, deep breath, I'll be fine, Joe will be right there and that helps a lot! And, the room will be full of my swell sisters, family and friends so it all helps!

My son Nick had a birthday. He turned 27 on the 23rd. Yikes! He's getting old, what does that say about me??? We all went out for dinner, well Joe had to work, but Lindsey, Kelsi, Tim, Thaddeus, my niece Heather and of course Nick went. Then we played Phase 10 at our house and Nick was the victorious winner!!! We also played donkey, I, as usual, was the first to be a donkey! I am just too slow now days to play that game! Seems like I can't get a penny for anything!!! Nick was the winner for that too! It was a fun night and I think he enjoyed his birthday. Here is a photo of me, Nick and Lindsey what seems like just a year ago... Not! Ok, it was 18 years ago!

I created a book over the weekend. The Swell Sisters have a writing/poetry group, and we had quite a bit of haiku's and poems that had been written. We have been trying to encourage sisters to read some poetry on the breaks at the show, so I thought what better way to encourage them but to have their writings in a book. So, I took it all and put it in a book! I created it on it is a self publishing site. Really cool. I order just a couple of books to be sure they print as well as they looked. Then I'll share the link and people can order it!

Well I guess that is it for now. I am getting so excited about the big Swell Sister Second Saturday show this next Saturday!!! It is almost here!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be well.

Until next time... Tj.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Another new painting...

Also not for the December show. I'm working on them too but, well my cousin Patti is retiring today! Lucky her!! 35 years with the State, now she is FREE!!!! Yes I am jealous much! Anyway, I painted her a quick little painting, 8X8, I was told by her sister that she loves cats and Lantana flowers so here goes... I hope she likes it! Happy Retirement Patti!!!
Be well, and Happy Friday!!! Tj.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's Fall in Sacramento!

You just have to love the Fall weather in Sacramento! I always complain in the summer, I hate the heat, but the fall is the best. The last 2 weeks have had highs in the mid 70's and the leaves are turning and falling. It's beautiful! I've been busy working on my pieces for the Swell Sisters Second Saturday show. They are coming right along.

I took a little break to paint a small painting for a kind of second daughter… Jamie is my friend Patti's daughter. Patti and I have been friends since high school, so for quite a while, our kids grew up together. Well Jamie just celebrated her 28th birthday and I wanted to give her something special. Her family loves to go to Disneyland, and I found a photo of the backs of her children on her MySpace page and it gave me the idea for this little painting. I thought, hum a sunset with the kids in Mickey ears! It is 6X6, sides painted black. I was quite pleased with it, and when Jamie opened it she squealed! I was happy.

Not much else going on. I have all next week off. I am going to paint, and clean house and shop for Thanksgiving. I am having Thanksgiving dinner at my house just a small group. Should be very nice, I'm looking forward to it!

Oh we had raccoons visit our backyard pond again last night. Joe and I tried to scare them away. He was very brave and went down with a big stick and tried to scare them, well it did. They ran up in the trees to hide but as soon as he came back in they were right back in the pond. Thanks for trying honey! We'll see if we have any fish or frogs left! Oh well. That is the circle of life I guess!! Be well. Tj.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Prop 8 protest at the Capitol

My daughter Lindsey and I attended a Prop 8 protest at the Capitol on Sunday afternoon. The day was beautiful, the energy superb. I think the photos speak for themselves.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We still have a long way to go...

Today I sit and I feel so proud of my country! We got it right this time I think! President Elect Barack Obama wins by a huge margin! We have come a long way in my life time. I have childhood memories of segregation, busing, riots, ugly hatred thrown at other humans because of the color of one's skin. Now I sit and am proud we elect a man to the highest position in the USA based on who he is, his ideas, intelligence, courage and NOT judge based on the color of his skin. I am proud and have a renewed sense of love for my country. But we have a long way to go.

I am at this moment not so proud of my state, or at least more than half of them. Prop 8 the last I heard is winning by a 5% margin. Prop 8 if you don't know, is to constitutionally define marriage as between a man and a woman. It is to take away the right of same sex couples to marry each other, a right that was given to them in June of this year. More than half of the voters in California have voted to take away a liberty that has been granted by our courts. To strip the ability of two loving people to stand and say this is my spouse. I am sad and disappointed. If prop 8 does pass, and it looks like it will, we are taking a step backwards for humanity.

One of the great honors I have had in my job with the State of California was leading the domestic partners project, working with same sex couples who retired before it was possible to register as domestic partners. Legislation was passed that would allow those members to sign an affidavit of domestic partnership, declaring the date their domestic partnership began, a date that they would have met all the criteria to be eligible to register as domestic partners had registration been available, a date always earlier than their actual registration date, a date in most cases long before they retired. Using that earlier date I was able to establish domestic partners as eligible survivors where none otherwise existed. Making partners eligible now for death benefits, and health insurance. Some of the couples I assisted had been together 30 or 40 plus years. The tears of joy, the absolute appreciation and love I felt from them. I was honored to help them legally establish their unions, to put in print that they were a couple committed to each other all those years. Many of the who early in their relationships were forced to hide in shadows because of discrimination against them. I can only imagine how that validation help to improved their states of mind and self being. I spoke to many of these couples in the last few months again, they were getting married and had questions on what to do. The excitement and joy they were experiencing was beautiful. Now, if prop 8 passes, well, I am disappointed in all who voted yes on 8. I am sad you have not come further in your ability to accept others, to take joy in diversity and learn from each other. In fact really I am sick about it, but I have hope.

To those of you who voted against prop 8, be well. To the rest of you, please be better. Tj.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lesson learned...

I was in a total panic this morning. Last night I gave my painting "In a Sea of Pink" one final coat of varnish. It was not the best lighting when I did it and I was getting sleepy. But I wanted to get it done so it would be absolutely dry by tonight when I take it to Tangent Gallery. Well, I got up this morning to find a hair found it's way into the finish! Ahhhhhh!!! It looked terrible. And was so obvious to me. I worked and worked on it and finally I carefully caught a piece of it, just enough to pull it off. Whew. I very carefully gave it another coat of varnish this morning. It will be plenty dry by tonight. So, lesson learned. Varnish in a well lit, very clean area!!! I was lucky this time. No disaster! Be well and GO VOTE!!!!! Tj.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Week!

I am so excited!! My piece called "In a Sea of Pink" was chosen to be part of the pink week show at Tangent gallery! What is Pink Week you ask? Well, it has it's own website you can read more at or go to Tangent gallery website at Tangent is a modest artist run gallery with three simple goals: To display dynamic and compelling modern art by local and non-local artists, to give back to the neighborhood in which they established the gallery by attracting commerce and visitors, and to serve to community of Sacramento by offering art that, in many cases, other local galleries have been unwilling to display. Yeah them! And yeah for me because this is my first official gallery hanging!!! I am excited and nervous and happy and scared all mixed up! Whew… just breathe. That's what I tell my kids all the time. Guess I should take my own advise!

Saturday night I went out to dinner with some of my swell sisters, we feasted at Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant. Wow! I have never eaten Moroccan before. What an experience, the food was great the atmosphere exotic, we had a great dancer who taught us a few belly dancing moves. The thing that was most "out of my zone" was no eating utensils! That's right, they bring a copper pot to the table and a teapot of warm water. You hold your hands over the copper pot as they pour the water, and then... yep you eat everything with your fingers! That was such a different eating experience! And of course spending time with my swell sisters is always wonderful! For more about Marrakech go to

PERSONAL REQUEST. My dear sweet mother in law Marge was diagnosed recently with a rare form of lung cancer. She had her first treatment this morning. She came through the treatment very well and the prognosis is fairly good. My father in law Alan has been battling Mesothelioma (also lung cancer) for about a three and a half years, he has really beaten the odds and has, until recently, had very positive reaction to the treatments. The treatments didn't reduce the cancer this last time so they are considering removing his lung. They are both very strong positive creative people who are very dear to me and our family. Please help me put positive energy for recovery for each of them out into the universe... thanks friends. Be well. Tj.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Artist trading cards

I have a new obsession. Artist trading cards or ATC's. They are small works or art 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 and you trade them with other artists. I have done 4 now. The winter scene I think will be entered into the Strawthmore ATC swap.
This last one is a 5X5 piece called Power Women it is for the little treasures charity event as part of the Swell Sister Society second saturday art show, Gather the Women, in December.

Friday, October 24, 2008

To the sweet little lady...

Ok, she will probably never see this, but I wanted to write it anyway. Yesterday at lunch I went to University Art on J Street here in downtown Sacramento, to purchase a blank set of Artist Trading Cards (ATC). I found a parking place, got out of my car, stood at the light to cross the street. Across the street I spied this sweet little lady, she was probably in her late 70's or early 80's, tiny little thing, and she was just smiling at me!! As I crossed the street she started to say something, but there was traffic noise and I’m no spring chicken, married to a bass player who has played in too many loud bands, and well, my hearing isn't what it used to be. I shook my head and pointed to my ear as I walked toward her. I said to her I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. I could see she had in her hand a small bouquet of white Azaleas. She proceeded to divide the bouquet in half and hand me a small bunch, and as she did she said with a big bright smile Happy Halloween! That just made my day. She was so sweet, and kind and her eyes were sparkling. Such a joyous moment in time! It just goes to show how one very small random act of kindness can change someone's whole day… or maybe life! The flower symbolism associated with azaleas is temperance, passion, womanhood (China), take care of yourself for me and fragile passion. Perfect! So to that sweet little lady, thank you for sharing your flowers and your gracious smile! It was wonderful to meet you.
Last night I enjoyed the company of some of my Swell Sisters. Our Quirky Art Group met at the Coffee Garden and worked on some art projects. This month we were supposed to work on wearable art, and were supposed to bring canvas shoes to paint. Well I never did get any shoes so I took the ATC canvas I bought at the art store and completed 2 ATC's, so now at the next Swell Sister meeting I can begin trading! I'll post the 2 cards I finished later, both were flowers, a close up sunflower, and a couple of daffodils! I am excited about doing ATC's and hope to trade with artists all over the world. My Swell Sisters made some wonderful colorful art covered shoes to wear in public, and also one very cute little pink bag.
I'm going to Lindsey's show again tonight at Sac State. It is an awesome show, this is the last weekend. If you haven't seen it you should go! See my previous post for info. Ok that's all for today, be well. Tj.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I entered 3 paintings for the Pink Week show at Tangent Gallery here in Sacramento that runs from November Second Saturday to December. I haven't heard back from them yet so we will see if any of them are accepted. The first is called Hummer Buzz, 5x5x1.5, the second is In a Sea of Pink, 10x10x1.5 and third is Cruise in Pink, 12x12x1.5.

I started my main piece for the Swell Sisters December show. It's coming along, I want to do 3 others too so I have back up. If a painting sells, they take it down and you can replace it and also we might get to hang 2 each, so I must be prepared!

I am pooped today. Lindsey had her opening night last night in The Good Woman of Setzuan at Sac State. After the show the case all went out, and on her way home her car died on the freeway. So I got a call at 1:30, went and waited for the tow truck with her. A CHP officer stayed with us until the truck got there. I didn't get home until almost 3. So, I am slightly tired today. But it's Friday, so tomorrow I can sleep in and make it up!

I am going to see Lindsey's show tomorrow and an really looking forward to it! Lindsey said it includes some Cross-gendered casting, crazy bold makeup/costumes, 8ft. by 6ft. painted drops (beautifully painted!), stylized acting, 6ft - 8ft tall puppets! four of them!, song lyrics set to grunge/metal/rock music composed by the musical director, a live band, artistically bold set, and the show makes bold political statements on life and things currently happening in the world, plus its going to be edgy yet comical. It's really going to be a good time. Everyone should go see it, have fun and support college theatre! :) Here is Sac States website:
Happy Friday!!! Be well… Tj.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a wonderful spot it is I live...

I can sit on my porch, and now in my art studio and see the whole world pass by. At least that is what it feels like at times. Our neighborhood, SouthSide Park, in Downtown Sacramento's South West corner is one of the most colorful, eclectic and diverse places I have ever been. Really. We live within just a few blocks from a Catholic church, the oldest Mosque in Sacramento, a Konko church, the High Sacrament Church, a Baptist church, The AME (African Methodist Episcopalian) and there are many others. Many different people, multiple views of life. We live just a half of a block from South Side park, where many different festivals take place during the year. This weekend has been no exception. Yesterday the Sikh religion's Five Loved Ones of the 10th Prophet and others gathered in our park to march in a celebration of peace. Wow. Right here where I live! I understand that Sikh temples were celebrating the 300th anniversary of their Holy Scripture. The Scripture calls for interfaith understanding and harmony and is 1,430 pages of poetry in 31 different meters. We could learn much from them I think. Our neighborhood was so colorful! Pink, Orange, Yellow, clothing and robes, bright and sparkling with jewels. Flowing in the breeze as they walked by my home. I sat in my studio and painted as the world went by! There is another festival today, totally different, the music sounds Hispanic, but I am not sure what festival it is. Maybe I'll walk down and find out. Ok, back to painting. Be well... Tj.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Captain Mitch

I had to do a post about Mitch Agruss, or Captain Mitch. What a dear man he is, kind and gentle, soft spoken. His all familiar voice and bright smile takes me back to my childhood. I so enjoyed his company for Rosh Hashanah dinner last week. Dinner at my mother in laws is always delicious. There were 8 of us total, including my adorable little grand nephew Emil. I had the privlidge of sitting next to Mitch as we feasted on some of the usual traditional holiday food. Challa bread, chicken, potato latkas and apple sauce, and apples dipped in honey to bring in a sweet new year. We discussed many topics, I really wanted to know everything about him, and hear tales of his days on the show. I had so many questions, but I didn't want to appear to be the over excited little girl I was feeling like I was, so I kept my cool. It was hard to though, I mean, it was Captain Mitch! A childhood dream finally came true at age 52! I did find out that the Captain Delta/Mitch show spanned nearly 30 years. I couldn't believe it! He said he started to do the show in 1961, and it continued in one form or another until 1990. I had no idea! He began doing theater in the 1940's when he was 18 and is still doing theater today. In fact he just won an Elly award (see: ) for supporting actor in a drama for his role in Endgame at the Actor's Theatre of Sacramento. Although he was very humble about it. Congratulations to you!

Anyway, I am posting this to put it out in the universe, Captian Mitch is alive and well in Sacramento. Here is a photo of Captain Mitch as many of us knew him.

He is a present to the world and touched so many lives. I just hope he knows. Be well... Tj.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm so EXCITED!!!

Ok for those of you who grew up in Sacramento, do you remember Captain Mitch?? Or maybe Captain Delta will ring a bell? He was the captain of The Valley Queen, an imaginary boat that floated down the lazy river, kids that were chosen to be on the show would use the spyglass and introduce cartoons with the "cartoon ahoy!" cheer, and off we go to watch our favorite cartoons. Mr. Magoo and Bugs were my favorites. Oh how I wanted to be on that show!!! My brother and I applied but were never chosen, :( But I loved Captain Mitch!! He has such a great smile!!

Well, 2 years ago at my in-laws wedding I got to meet him! Yes Captain Mitch is alive and well!! They have been friends for many years which I didn't know until their wedding. I was like a kid when I met him the first time! My daughter thought I was nuts she just kept shaking her head at me and laughing. A kid in a candy store I was!!! I got to spend time with him again since then, he attended a dinner party at my in-laws which was also fun, and exciting but there were many people there so I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him.

But… tonight… we are going to dinner over their house and it will be just the 5 of us!!! I get Captain Mitch all to myself!! I'm so very excited!! Is that weird? :o

Here is a photo of me and Captain Mitch 2 years ago when I first met him. (Wow my hair has really grown!)
I don't look happy do I?? :) Yahoo!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!!
Ok, be well, Tj.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My soon to be art studio and more!!

I am getting soooo close to having my own art studio!! I am so excited, I just can't wait! The office is totally moved… so… my art studio is being prepped for paint! I chose a golden yellow color. I hope it isn't too bright, it's called sunrise beach. The color of the walls was such a difficult decision! I wanted something that would look good behind my art. Something not too bright but not dull either. I guess if it is too much I can always paint again! Our house is such a mess right now. Stuff piled up everywhere, but I guess that is natural when you are moving things around. It will be great to have our living room be just our living room and get all my art supplies out of the corner!
I really feel like I'm moving in the right direction now, I ordered business cards which should be here any day now! And I ordered post cards, not sure what I'll do with them, but I got them for practically nothing. Just shipping! If you need cards or stickers or magnets I absolutely suggest vista print. Their prices can't be beat, they have a great selection of templates, the website is easy to understand. Anyway, check these out…
My business card:
My post card:
Don't be surprised if you get one in the mail!!!

Anyway, the foundation for my art career is being laid. Once my studio is done I can start painting again… I haven't been doing much because we have been working on the house. And well I work full time, and there has been much going on with the swell sisters! The Swell Sister Society is such a great group of women. I am learning so much and just drawing inspiration from them ALL. Last week, Cheryl, one of the Swell Sisters, graciously opened her home and taught a group of us how to do gourd art! I'll have to post a photo of my bird house gourd I made. It was fun, and came out much better than I would have imagined! I really enjoyed it! The wood burning, carving, diviting and staining! Oh what sights and smells!! I hope we do gourds again, it was a blast!

We had our monthly Swell Sister meeting last week also, we had a guest speaker, Gioia Fonda who is one of the owners of Tangent gallery here in Sacramento. She spoke to us about pink week. The Pink Week holiday's main purpose is to celebrate, observe and commemorate the color pink for pink's sake. Pink Week is a non-profit art piece with absolutely no political, religious or social agenda other than pink. Not to be confused with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness or pink triangles representing homosexual identity, though both have great value in the world. During Pink Week, pink just means pink. For more info on pink week or how you can participate go to

Ok, that's it for today, be well. Tj.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

52 wait what????

Ok, I turned 52 two days ago. This is the second time I typed that and it still looks and sounds really strange! 52, how does that happen? But I guess really it's a great thing right! I have all those years of expierencing life and I am just that much closer to retirement! It could be worse. So yes it was my birthday, and I had a great weekend. Spent time with lots of family and friends.

Friday, Joe and I went to the Sacramento song circle. I took my ukulele and played with other people in the room for the first time. It was scary and exciting all at the same time! And we sang our butts off as usual. Always fun.

Saturday, Lindsey and I joined some of my Swell Sisters and went to the opening of the Verge Gallery. They had their Circus show. It was full of great art, preformers, games. I won a ping pong ball in a bag o water! The show was all about animal abuse in the circus. The game I played was tossing a gold fish (plastic of course) into a bowl with a ping pong ball. And I won! Funny twist on the ping pong ball toss into a bowl with goldfish! The art was disturbing and grand, artists from all over came together for this show. The Verge is a huge space! Lindsey wasn't feeling good, so I took her home and Joe returned from a gig as I was about to go back so he went with me! I was glad, he got to meet some of my swell sisters, and spend the rest of the evening with me! One of my swell sisters Laurelin Gilmore was having her first Second Saturday art show. So we all went to go share the expierence with her! She did great, sold many of her works, had lots of people come through, got lots of great compliments!! Way to go Laurelin!

Sunday, my actually BD, I went to brunch with my family including my brother Tim and nephew Thaddeus. We went to Pancake Circus. They have the best pancakes in town!!! Yum! After, Lindsey and I went to the 24th street Theater to see Anything Goes. It was a fun show! Brought back some memories for us, Lindsey was in that show in high school, she played one of the angels. Sunday night I went to the Torch Club. Joe was playing with Stacie Eakes and the Superfreaks. My birthday was announced over and over! I really felt loved!!!!

I took off yesterday to rest, whew. Today I went to a birthday lunch with my co-workers. Wow! How many days does a birthday last anyway!!!

On another front... we are almost done moving our office! Just some of the left over don't know what to do with stuff left to figure out. Then, I have to come up with a paint color for my new studio!!! I am having a hard time because I love color. But since I'll be working in there I don't want the wall color to affect my work. Anyone have any suggestions???

Ok, that's it for today. Be well!! Tj.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My beautiful daughter

I was going through some old papers today, and came across a poem Lindsey wrote. I think it was from middle school, so around 10 years ago but it is so beautiful, and so reflects her, I wanted to post it and share. She is such a wonderful human being. I am very proud.

I Am…

I am a flower child who loves dolphins.
I wonder why there is so much hate in the world.
I hear a pounding sound when all is quiet.
I see a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.
I want a chance to swim with dolphins.
I am a flower child who loves dolphins.
I pretend to be a famous dancer on a giant stage.
I feel tempted by peer pressure.
I touch the air, the stars, the moon, and the peace that is deep down in everyone’s soul.
I worry about the ozone layer.
I cry for my grandma Rita in heaven.
I am a flower child who loves dolphins.
I understand life is not easy.
I say love rules over evil always.
I dream of the day when homeless people are off the streets.
I hope to make a difference.
I am a flower child who loves dolphins.
- Lindsey Molineaux

This is us a couple of years ago.

Be well... Tj.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time flys!

Just an update. Shoot I am really failing at blogging, I can't believe it's been over a week again.

I went to two Swell Sister meetings last week, very exciting stuff happening. We have an art show scheduled for December for Second Saturday. Second Saturday is a regular art event here in Sacramento. For more info go to This will be my very first art show, I am so jazzed about it. We are meeting to plan the evening, writing our bios, getting press releases together, planning the reception, and oh yeah thinking about what to paint… well I am thinking about painting cause that is what I do. Other sisters have other art that they will show. It is all exciting. Our show will be at the Coffee Garden a local coffee house. It's a little off the beaten path for Second Saturday, but there is another gallery next to it and they have been doing a Second Saturday event for a while so we have high hopes! Our theme for the show is 'Gather the Women'. I am still contemplating what my subject might be!!

I am also involved in the current Swell Sisters Indi project. There are 9 of us, (I think 9 maybe 10), each of us started a painting or piece of art. Then we passed off what we did to another sister to work on. I am posting both my piece I started and the piece I worked on second. But remember these are both UNFINISHED works in progress! The piece with the drummer, there was only the background when I got it to work on. But in that background I saw him! Whala!! He has a creepy unfinished face, his lips are not right, and underdeveloped hands, I had to force myself to stop working on him cause he bugs me unfinished and he's just staring at me through those dark glasses! Smirking at me... but I get to pass him off Friday so I'll be ok! :) The girl, I started her, put her down and then worked on her again because I found out I had longer that I thought. First it was just the background and her, no head or arms. Then I added the mirror, with the reflection with a head and messy hair and the light. I see it as a self image kind of thing. It will be interesting to see what the other sisters do with it!

Oh and more painting at home. We are now working on Lindsey's old room, our soon to be new office. Her room was dark blue ceilings, bright green walls and had hot pink trim. We decided to just paint the trim, we could live with the blue and green. So I bought a gallon of paint, well last week Joe accidentally dropped the paint can. Yep. Paint all over the carpet. Yikes!! But we worked quickly, scooped up what paint we could, shop vac'd out the excess we couldn't scoop up then I steam cleaned over and over and over again. Really the paint doesn't even show on the carpet, so that was good. BUT… now that we are almost done, guess what, we have about a half of a quart too little paint. Just about what we lost. So I guess it's off to Lowes again we go! Once it's painted we can move the office, then next, MY ART STUDIO!!!!!!

And last a Chester update. He made it through the surgery great! He had to wear a cone on his head for 2 weeks, until the staples were out. That cone was a pain, he kept just plowing through things, running into walls, I thought he was going to break his neck and he almost knocked me down more than once. But it's all good now and he's back to his sweet loving self!!! That's all for now, be well! Tj.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Happy Monday... back to work!

Ok, I have been neglectant. I've been back from vacation for over a week and still haven't written about it. Time gets filled up so quickly. Ok, Vacation… we rented a house in La Selva Beach, which is about 10 miles south of Santa Cruz. The house had a wonderful ocean view, and a partial beach view (there was a parking lot for the beach that blocked some of the view). Sitting on the deck you could watch surfers and dolphins in the waves. See the kids at day camp for Junior Lifeguards running and doing their exercises. The beach was wonderful and went on and on… The house had a rail road that went right by it, that added an element that was fun! The train went by twice a day, just during the week and the conductors were very friendly they would always wave as they went by!! We had a kind of revolving group. Saturday and Sunday it was me, Lindsey, Nick, my brother Tim and his kids Thaddeus and Heather. Nick went home Sunday night, Joe arrived on Monday. Heather had to leave on Wednesday, her mom came to pick her up, then Thursday Lindsey's friend Ashley came and spent the night with us. Like I said a revolving group!
I did a lot of painting, here is my Whale's tail and Beach fairy. My nephew likes to paint with me, and both Lindsey and Heather did some painting too! The beach fairy was inspired by Thaddeus. He found shells on the beach, and said to me Aunt Terry lets put the shells in the painting. This shell looked like wings to me! And I used real sand. Thaddeus painted a crab and used overturned shells for the eyes. He is very talented!
We played some games, mostly spades. We went to the movies. We saw the new Batman movie, it was good. Lindsey, Ashley and I went to see Mama Mia! It was really fun!! We went into Santa Cruz and did some exploring and also went to Capitola. I had never been to Capitola before. What an interesting little beach town! The kitchen in the house we rented was wonderful! New stainless appliances and granite counters. We ate well while there, I just loved that kitchen! Oh and we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and it was my very first time there! Wow! That is quite a place. My favorite parts were the sardines, and the jellyfish! And, well it was quite a place! Vacation was way too short of course. The weather was perfect the whole time. The only downer, I got sick while there. Still have the cough hanging on… just a little part of vacation that is staying around. All in all it was a great vacation, good family time. Looking forward to the next one! Be well, Tj.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon... huh?

Hello all! Well we are back from vacation. It was a wonderful spot to spend a week. The weather was perfect, highs in the 70's, lows in well I don't know but it was never too cold. The sun was out most of the time, except for several mornings. So we get home and in the mail I have a blue ribbon! I painted a flag for my friend Patti last year, her husband is in the military and she love all things patriotic. Well she entered it into the county fair where she lives and I got first place! WOW! I've never won any ribbons... ever. I didn't even know she was entering me. It was a really fun surprise! My love to you Patti, Thank you again!!

What a kick!!

Ok, well I have lots to share about vacation. Got lots of painting done, but I'll get back to that as soon as I can. Have many updates but we're going to eat dinner now. Be well... Tj.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well it's been quite a week. We had to take Chester, our big dog (Bosco is our little dog), to the vet on Wednesday, he stopped eating and was throwing up a bit. Not like him not to eat so I knew something was up. He ate fine on Monday, Tuesday no, Wednesday morning not interested. So off we went. Well the doctor poked around him abdomen, was not sure what was up. Wanted to do some xrays. Well they didn't come up with anything conclusive. She suggested leaving him, they would put him on fluids and do a whole panel on him. So we left him there overnight. Tests came back, again nothing conclusive. Lindsey and I went to visit him after I got off work on Thursday, he wasn't in the room for 20 seconds and he threw up all over the floor. I felt so bad, he looked so sad. They took him back again, and the doctor came out, suggested an ultrasound. She was going to try to get the radiologist there Thursday night, but she wasn't sure that could happen. Absolutely would happen on Friday. I was pretty upset, Chester was just miserable and I didn't want him to suffer, what to do. I was worried. Friday morning at 10, the ultrasound was done. They discovered that he did indeed have a blocked intestine. They thought it may be that from the beginning. Emergency surgery was done. They pulled a wadded up piece of rope out of his intestines, dumb dog, she said it was just in time as it could have burst. Chester came through the surgery really well. Last night he was resting, they are going to try to feed him again today. Poor baby hasn't eaten since last Monday. I hope he eats. Bosco will be happy to see him, he has really missed him!

So while all of this was going on, in the back of my mind I'm concerned about our vacation plans. My brother Tim and his kids, Thaddeus and Heather. Lindsey, Nick and I are leaving this morning for La Selva Beach. So do I go, do I not it all depended on what happens with Chester. Well, I decided to still go, even up to last night I was thinking I would stay home till Chester was home. But Joe will be here till Monday. That was the plan all along, he has gigs this weekend he didn't want to miss. Chester will be in the hospital till tomorrow. Joe may stay home till Tuesday we will see. Nick is only staying at the beach over night so he'll be back tomorrow. And he will be home and taking care of all of our animals. Including now, being Chester's nurse. And if needed we will be only a 2 hour drive away. I can always come home... but I think it will all be ok. Nick will take good care of our poor Chester.

Anyway, we will have Lindsey's laptop with us. So, I may post while I"m gone but I may not! I'm going to sit, stare at the ocean, paint, practice my uke, and spend some time with the fam! Be well... Tj.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One of those days...

That you are taught lessons. It started this morning. I drove to work, which granted I shouldn't be doing because I could walk in about 8 minutes, or ride my bike in about 2, but it's summer and I get lazy when it's hot. So I drove. I made a discovery about a year ago, I can park at the meters across the street from my office, park all day and not pay because I have the correct parking permit. I do live in the neighborhood. So, this morning I drove the 5 blocks… then I drove for about 20 minutes looking for a spot to leave my car… oh that is good for the enviroment huh! During the I5 fix project they have about 20 or more parking spots closed, I guess so people can use that as a turning lane I'm not sure. But it certainly does make parking hard. So I think I'll drag my bicycle out for tomorrow, my lesson for today. My daughter Lindsey called me to tell me she had been in a fender bender. Her fault. She was rushing to get to a dental appointment. Her car has much more damage that the car she hit. The other car has a good size scratch on the right rear bumper, Lindsey's car has a good size crunch on the front left fender. But, no one was hurt. Accidents happen. Be more careful when driving and not rush, her lesson for today. Lindsey feels really bad, I remindered her to be thankful it wasn't worse. Keep it on the brighter side!!

Good, ... no, Great things are happening today too!! I am getting a new Ukulele!! My husband is buying me a very early birthday present! The uke I have been learning on is a basic beginners uke. We bought it while on vacation in Cannon Beach. Was very inexpensive and it sounds ok. But the store where my husband Joe works just got a new shipment of Kala Ukuleles. I tried this one out yesterday when I went for my lesson and I loved it!! It's shiny black with pearl (I think plastic pearl) accents. It has a pickup in it so it can be plugged in to a small amplifier, which we already have! (I can go rock out on my uke now!!) And it sounded so nice! I could really hear the difference in the quality of the instrument. I can't wait to get home and try it out!! The other great thing is tonight. We are having the first Swell Sister career artist meeting! I am looking forward to it. Some of the Swell Sisters already sell their art and will be great mentors. I have much to learn.
Well I thought I'd post one of my photos instead of a painting. Photography was a passion long before I had the drive to paint. This is one of my favorites, it is my hubby joe playing. The red stage light really caught him!
Ok well I think that's all for now… Be well. Terry

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Windows are done!

Ok not totally but they are in! Yahoo and again thanks to my brother Tim!! We have to finish them, add molding around the inside but other than that they are in. So the downstairs is so close to being done now and I am keeping my eye on the prize, well my prize anyway! My art studio!! I can not wait to have a space of my own to spread out and paint, or write, or sew, or what ever my heart wants to do at the time!!

I am posting more photos of my art today, these are called Santa's vacation, acrylics, I used it to make my Christmas cards 2 years ago. Santa is on the beach in Cannon Beach Oregon, in front of Haystack rock.

And The blue dragonfly, oils, it was a gift to a friend. Hope you are having a great Sunday! Be well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I haven't been so good about keeping up my blog, hopefully that will improve! I've been so busy at night, still remodling and going to Lowes so often I think it is my home away from home. Now at work I'm on a new project and in meetings all day long. So, no time at my computer at all. Someday again, I'll get more time! So, raccoons. I live downtown Sacramento who would think we would have raccoons but... last night around 10pm I heard this weird rustling sound on my back porch. The dogs were in the house, as were the 2 inside cats I have. I went to look out the window and there were 2 raccoons!!! SURPRISE! I have one outdoor cat, he pees in the house even though he's been fixed since he was a kitten so he's banned to live outside. I usually feed him in the am on the back porch. And he usually finishes it all, but there was some left yesterday. Now understand, our back porch is on the second story and I feed him on this little table, on the second story. I know we have skunks in the neighborhood and they will come after food if left out, so I am pretty careful. I have also seen possums but rarely, and there of course are mice and rats and all the other kinds of urban critters. But raccoons? I had no idea! I know they can be pretty mean, and they are intelligent and they have thumbs so they can open things like unlocked doors!!! YIKES! I guess I'll have to be even more careful now. Lindsey and I stood at the back door, one of them stood up and looked at us through the door, no fear. Well until I pounded on the back door screen. We have a security door so it made a pretty loud noise, and the dogs came running over so they were scared off. But I'm sure now that they found a food source they'll be back looking.

Have not painted anything in what seems like months. I miss it! On vacation, (9 days and counting!) I plan to paint and paint... and then paint again! Here is a painting of one of my favorite places, Haystack Rock, in Cannon Beach Oregon. This painting I attempted to place a tree in the foreground, and the rock off in the distance. If you look closely you can see tiny people sitting on a log, (or maybe this photo is too small to see but it's supposed to be me and my nephew Thaddeus) and someone walking in the sand greeting them.

Tonight is the Swell Sisters meeting!!! I am looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing again and seeing all of my swell sisters!!

Be well. Tj.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am grateful.

I am a fortunate person. I have a wonderful family and days filled with love. I am happy with my life, satisfied with my job, although I can’t wait to retire from it. I am happy with what I do and that I get opportunities to create. I have always had a creative outlet of some sort, usually not at my job, so I am always looking to find ways to open up, let loose, and get my artistic juices to flow! I joined a group of creative women recently, called the Swell Sister Society, hello Sisters! It is a sisterhood of women dedicated to inspire our artistic selves. We come together to support each other and explore the arts. I am so excited to see where it takes us all and extremely happy I stumbled upon it. Again, I am fortunate! To find out more about the Swell Sister Society go to

I receive an e-newsletter at work called the Navigator. It had some very interesting thoughts this week about personal growth and success. When I read it, I thought I am using SOAP, it makes much sense to me so I thought I would share! Read on...

“To find your purpose in life you have to use SOAP.


Don't waste life chasing after things you never can obtain or possess. Know what makes you successful and pursue it with as much passion and energy as you possibly can. Success is not about job security or money--it is about fulfillment and doing what you enjoy.


Most problems in life are disguised as opportunities. For every problem you encounter there are at least four or five opportunities that come along with it. Don't be afraid to try something new--take a risk.


Humans are the only creatures on earth that can choose their attitudes--be it positive or negative. Each morning as you awake, take charge of your attitude and decide to be positive. Quit being miserable and bringing others down. Change your attitude--change your life.


Write down what you are going to do differently, your goal, or career choice. If you don't write it down--it will probably never happen. Start now. There is a great purpose, a fantastic life waiting for you!”

So... go out and Live! The time is now, the date today, go grab it and be well!! Tj.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Moving day!

I can not believe it has been one week since I last updated my blog. Wow how time fly's! Let see, the 3rd was Tim's birthday (my brother). Tim, Thaddeus, Lindsey and I went out to dinner at Chili's and then went to a RiverCats game. It was a beautiful night. The air was fresh or at least fresher than it had been, it was only about 83 degrees. It actually got kind of cold towards the end of the game. It was a good game, even thought they lost at the end. 11 to 10. We had fun, Lindsey and I love to sing along with the songs and clap, cheer and stomp! They had a great fireworks display after the game. Then Thaddeus wanted to surprise his dad with a cake back at his house so we pretended to just want to go home. Tim and Thaddeus left and Lindsey and I went to pick up a cake at Safeway. We then went to Tim's house. Thaddeus let us in, Tim was already in bed, almost asleep. Thaddeus went in and made him get out of bed and we yelled surprise! He was. We ate cake and ice cream and it was just one minute before midnight so Tim celebrated his birthday down to the last minute!
On the 4th, my hubby Joe was playing at the Valhalla Music festival in South Lake Tahoe. We arrived in Tahoe around 4, it was so beautiful. A perfect 71 degrees and the sky was soooo blue! I haven't seen blue sky like that in a really long time. The festival was in the Tallac Historic area by Camp Richardson. In a little theater right on the lake, it was a picture perfect spot that's for sure. This gig was with the Bayou Boys, very enjoyable! We stayed overnight, in a little old motel. Very quaint, knotty pine walls. The room was clean and had a view of pine trees out the window. The only complaint I had was the bed but I am so spoiled. We have a tempurpedic bed at home, anything else is just not the same! We came home on Saturday and realized as we got closer to Sac the smoke was back. It is ugly here now again. It's supposed to be 107 today and the AQI (Air Quality Index) is in the Unhealthy range again. No sign of cooling until Friday so the bad air will just sit here. Don't go outside if possible!!! If you do, don't breath!!!!! :)
Ok so moving day? YES it is. Lindsey has friends coming to help move her furniture and the majority of her stuff downstairs today. Most of the repairs are done, the bathroom floor is nearly done we have just some tiles around the toilet and door to cut and fit. The bedroom is done except the windows which we will do as soon as they come in. The rest of the apartment needs a good cleaning, but that will get done too. Nick will be home from Vegas on Thursday, so we have to clear some of the items from the spare bedroom since he is temporally staying there. It is all moving forward… but I am very much looking forward to our vacation at the end of the month! That is going to be wonderful!!!
Here is one more of my paintings, this one is Joe's jamin'. It is oils, done in December 2006 of my husbands hands playing his 5 string bass. Be well… Tj.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday a day to relax...

Well not totally, I do have to work today, but no home repair jobs! Yippee!! Tonight my husband Joe is playing with the Bayou Boys Band at Harmony on the River. A concert series in Riverwalk park in West Sacramento, so I'm taking the night off! Last year was very fun, lots of people to watch and of course the music was excellent! Today should be nice too, the temps are not too bad and the air is so much better now! The Bayou Boys are a Cajun Zydeco band, really fun music and the band has a following of dancers! Some really cute older couples who really know Zydeco dancing. It is really fun to watch and there are several line dances too so you don't need a partner which is good for me since mine is on the stage!! I am looking forward to just having an enjoyable night and listening to my hubby do his thing! One of my favorite pastimes!
Last night I steam cleaned the carpet in Lindsey's room. That is a sweaty job, that steam cleaner really brings up the humidity! The carpet looks better, but there are a lot of paint splatters that didn't come out. Lindsey was told by her step grandma that Colgate shaving cream would take out the paint, she was on her hands and knees scrubbing spots. They did seem to come out a little… but there are a LOT of spots left to scrub. I'll let her do that if she wants. :)
I also had another Ukulele lesson last night. I am taking lessons at the Guitar Workshop where my husband teaches. I am really enjoying that time. My teacher, Doug Pauly, is really relaxed and makes it fun and doesn't yell at me when I don't practice! I really need to practice more and told myself to take 15 minutes before bed each night and just do it! We'll see if that works. But I am having so much fun playing… Last night I learned the song Sidewalks of New York! I have been learning all these old songs, Bicycle Built for Two, She'll be Coming Round the Mountain. Lots of the songs we do at song circle, which we haven't gone to in too long! More on that some other time.
I am looking forward to our vacation at the ocean at the end of the month! I thought I'd post one of my beach scenes I painted, this was done in March this year, I call it Beach Star!. Be well! Tj.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home repair

One thing is for sure, home repair never is as easy or take as short a time estimated. Well if I am doing the estimate I guess! Bedroom windows did not get installed yesterday, I didn't know the windows we need were different than the stock windows they sell at Lowes! We had to order the windows, they will be around 14 days. Oh well... the bathroom is much closer to completion. The shower/tub surround is done! Tim did a great job. The shower is functioning, and the bathroom is painted. It's pink! This pretty pale pink, called Sugar Egg Pink. We need to install the new floor and hang the towel racks. Lindsey's room is almost done too so she'll be able to start to move in a couple of days. Whew... I'm tired.

I am adding another painting I did recently, it was for Thaddeus (my nephew) for making honor roll! He loves dragons! Ok, enough for today, be well, Tj.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just because...

Well I already skipped a day. I told myself I wouldn't do that when I started my blog. Oh well, such is life I guess! It's Friday, yeah! Fridays are good days but I am usually pretty tired by the end of the week. Guess I'm no kid anymore! Tonight I'm painting... walls, still. Tomorrow my brother Tim comes over to replace 2 windows downstairs. Hopefully the down stairs will be ready for Lindsey to move soon!
Next week is a short work week. Friday being the 4th of July! My husband Joe is playing a gig up at Lake Tahoe and part of the pay is a room!! We get a chance to get away together, I get to hear him play, and we get to breath some air! At least I hope Tahoe isn't as smokey as it is here in the valley. I am going to bet it isn't. Air would be nice, I am growing tired of breathing this stuff. Anyway, he is playing with Ron Bombardier and the Bayou Boys Band as part of the Valhalla music series at the Tallac Historic Site in South Lake Tahoe. There is the Star Spangled Fourth Lights on the Lake celebration, which is supposed to be the largest synchronized fireworks display west of the Mississippi! WOW! I love the big fireworks, the safe and sane set off yourself kind, not so much. But the BIG ones I just love!
Something else we have to look forward to, we just scheduled our summer vacation! Yeah!!! The end of July we are going to spend 8 nights just south of Santa Cruz, rented a house right on the ocean. Ahhhhh. We take a vacation every year with my brother and his kids. It's been a great tradition that I hope we can continue even though the kids are all getting older! Thaddeus, my nephew, is now 10 and he is the youngest of the gang. The board walk will be fun for him and the rest of us too! Heather, my niece, is 15. They will probably both bring friends along. My daughter Lindsey has a friend who lives there and attends UC Santa Cruz so she will look forward to spending time with her! Joe and I plan to do a lot of walking on the beach, and sitting and staring at the ocean. Maybe I'll actually get time to do some painting too! Canvas' of course, not walls… :)
Ok, well I guess that's it for today… or at least now, maybe more later. I am going to paint again (walls not canvas)... Be well. Until next time… Tj.
Oh and here is another painting I did, one of my very first, almost 2 years ago. Painted for my friend Carolee. Her and her hubby moved from the Elk Grove area to just West of Santa Rosa in the wine country. This was a house warming gift. It is called "The view from Carolee's Tub" And it is too. She has awesome views!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New in my pierced girl series

Kiki is the latest pierced girl. I am having fun with these girls, each seem to take on a life of her own. Kiki has pink highlighted hair. We'll see where the next one takes me! Good night for now. Tj.


My eyes are burning, my throat is scratchy and sore. YUCK! Anyone in the Sacramento Valley is feeling the same thing. The news this morning from Cal Fire is California has 1000 fires burning today. Now some are small, less than an acre, but some are huge and all the smoke is filling up the valley. We are like a bowl and with the heat acting as the top holding it all in! Not good. The air quailty control board tells us to stay inside as much as possible. Even healthy people are likely to show health symptoms, ug. I want to just run to the coast to breathe!! Ok well I always want to be at the coast anyway, but now even more. Someday in the not so distant future I will retire from my state job, get out of this gray cubicle, and move to the coast. I will sit by the sea and paint my days away! Ahhhh… I feel less stressed just thinking about it. All my family and friends will come and stay with me for vacations and holidays right? Be well. Tj.