Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Week!

I am so excited!! My piece called "In a Sea of Pink" was chosen to be part of the pink week show at Tangent gallery! What is Pink Week you ask? Well, it has it's own website you can read more at or go to Tangent gallery website at Tangent is a modest artist run gallery with three simple goals: To display dynamic and compelling modern art by local and non-local artists, to give back to the neighborhood in which they established the gallery by attracting commerce and visitors, and to serve to community of Sacramento by offering art that, in many cases, other local galleries have been unwilling to display. Yeah them! And yeah for me because this is my first official gallery hanging!!! I am excited and nervous and happy and scared all mixed up! Whew… just breathe. That's what I tell my kids all the time. Guess I should take my own advise!

Saturday night I went out to dinner with some of my swell sisters, we feasted at Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant. Wow! I have never eaten Moroccan before. What an experience, the food was great the atmosphere exotic, we had a great dancer who taught us a few belly dancing moves. The thing that was most "out of my zone" was no eating utensils! That's right, they bring a copper pot to the table and a teapot of warm water. You hold your hands over the copper pot as they pour the water, and then... yep you eat everything with your fingers! That was such a different eating experience! And of course spending time with my swell sisters is always wonderful! For more about Marrakech go to

PERSONAL REQUEST. My dear sweet mother in law Marge was diagnosed recently with a rare form of lung cancer. She had her first treatment this morning. She came through the treatment very well and the prognosis is fairly good. My father in law Alan has been battling Mesothelioma (also lung cancer) for about a three and a half years, he has really beaten the odds and has, until recently, had very positive reaction to the treatments. The treatments didn't reduce the cancer this last time so they are considering removing his lung. They are both very strong positive creative people who are very dear to me and our family. Please help me put positive energy for recovery for each of them out into the universe... thanks friends. Be well. Tj.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Artist trading cards

I have a new obsession. Artist trading cards or ATC's. They are small works or art 3 1/2 by 2 1/2 and you trade them with other artists. I have done 4 now. The winter scene I think will be entered into the Strawthmore ATC swap.
This last one is a 5X5 piece called Power Women it is for the little treasures charity event as part of the Swell Sister Society second saturday art show, Gather the Women, in December.

Friday, October 24, 2008

To the sweet little lady...

Ok, she will probably never see this, but I wanted to write it anyway. Yesterday at lunch I went to University Art on J Street here in downtown Sacramento, to purchase a blank set of Artist Trading Cards (ATC). I found a parking place, got out of my car, stood at the light to cross the street. Across the street I spied this sweet little lady, she was probably in her late 70's or early 80's, tiny little thing, and she was just smiling at me!! As I crossed the street she started to say something, but there was traffic noise and I’m no spring chicken, married to a bass player who has played in too many loud bands, and well, my hearing isn't what it used to be. I shook my head and pointed to my ear as I walked toward her. I said to her I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. I could see she had in her hand a small bouquet of white Azaleas. She proceeded to divide the bouquet in half and hand me a small bunch, and as she did she said with a big bright smile Happy Halloween! That just made my day. She was so sweet, and kind and her eyes were sparkling. Such a joyous moment in time! It just goes to show how one very small random act of kindness can change someone's whole day… or maybe life! The flower symbolism associated with azaleas is temperance, passion, womanhood (China), take care of yourself for me and fragile passion. Perfect! So to that sweet little lady, thank you for sharing your flowers and your gracious smile! It was wonderful to meet you.
Last night I enjoyed the company of some of my Swell Sisters. Our Quirky Art Group met at the Coffee Garden and worked on some art projects. This month we were supposed to work on wearable art, and were supposed to bring canvas shoes to paint. Well I never did get any shoes so I took the ATC canvas I bought at the art store and completed 2 ATC's, so now at the next Swell Sister meeting I can begin trading! I'll post the 2 cards I finished later, both were flowers, a close up sunflower, and a couple of daffodils! I am excited about doing ATC's and hope to trade with artists all over the world. My Swell Sisters made some wonderful colorful art covered shoes to wear in public, and also one very cute little pink bag.
I'm going to Lindsey's show again tonight at Sac State. It is an awesome show, this is the last weekend. If you haven't seen it you should go! See my previous post for info. Ok that's all for today, be well. Tj.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I entered 3 paintings for the Pink Week show at Tangent Gallery here in Sacramento that runs from November Second Saturday to December. I haven't heard back from them yet so we will see if any of them are accepted. The first is called Hummer Buzz, 5x5x1.5, the second is In a Sea of Pink, 10x10x1.5 and third is Cruise in Pink, 12x12x1.5.

I started my main piece for the Swell Sisters December show. It's coming along, I want to do 3 others too so I have back up. If a painting sells, they take it down and you can replace it and also we might get to hang 2 each, so I must be prepared!

I am pooped today. Lindsey had her opening night last night in The Good Woman of Setzuan at Sac State. After the show the case all went out, and on her way home her car died on the freeway. So I got a call at 1:30, went and waited for the tow truck with her. A CHP officer stayed with us until the truck got there. I didn't get home until almost 3. So, I am slightly tired today. But it's Friday, so tomorrow I can sleep in and make it up!

I am going to see Lindsey's show tomorrow and an really looking forward to it! Lindsey said it includes some Cross-gendered casting, crazy bold makeup/costumes, 8ft. by 6ft. painted drops (beautifully painted!), stylized acting, 6ft - 8ft tall puppets! four of them!, song lyrics set to grunge/metal/rock music composed by the musical director, a live band, artistically bold set, and the show makes bold political statements on life and things currently happening in the world, plus its going to be edgy yet comical. It's really going to be a good time. Everyone should go see it, have fun and support college theatre! :) Here is Sac States website:
Happy Friday!!! Be well… Tj.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a wonderful spot it is I live...

I can sit on my porch, and now in my art studio and see the whole world pass by. At least that is what it feels like at times. Our neighborhood, SouthSide Park, in Downtown Sacramento's South West corner is one of the most colorful, eclectic and diverse places I have ever been. Really. We live within just a few blocks from a Catholic church, the oldest Mosque in Sacramento, a Konko church, the High Sacrament Church, a Baptist church, The AME (African Methodist Episcopalian) and there are many others. Many different people, multiple views of life. We live just a half of a block from South Side park, where many different festivals take place during the year. This weekend has been no exception. Yesterday the Sikh religion's Five Loved Ones of the 10th Prophet and others gathered in our park to march in a celebration of peace. Wow. Right here where I live! I understand that Sikh temples were celebrating the 300th anniversary of their Holy Scripture. The Scripture calls for interfaith understanding and harmony and is 1,430 pages of poetry in 31 different meters. We could learn much from them I think. Our neighborhood was so colorful! Pink, Orange, Yellow, clothing and robes, bright and sparkling with jewels. Flowing in the breeze as they walked by my home. I sat in my studio and painted as the world went by! There is another festival today, totally different, the music sounds Hispanic, but I am not sure what festival it is. Maybe I'll walk down and find out. Ok, back to painting. Be well... Tj.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Captain Mitch

I had to do a post about Mitch Agruss, or Captain Mitch. What a dear man he is, kind and gentle, soft spoken. His all familiar voice and bright smile takes me back to my childhood. I so enjoyed his company for Rosh Hashanah dinner last week. Dinner at my mother in laws is always delicious. There were 8 of us total, including my adorable little grand nephew Emil. I had the privlidge of sitting next to Mitch as we feasted on some of the usual traditional holiday food. Challa bread, chicken, potato latkas and apple sauce, and apples dipped in honey to bring in a sweet new year. We discussed many topics, I really wanted to know everything about him, and hear tales of his days on the show. I had so many questions, but I didn't want to appear to be the over excited little girl I was feeling like I was, so I kept my cool. It was hard to though, I mean, it was Captain Mitch! A childhood dream finally came true at age 52! I did find out that the Captain Delta/Mitch show spanned nearly 30 years. I couldn't believe it! He said he started to do the show in 1961, and it continued in one form or another until 1990. I had no idea! He began doing theater in the 1940's when he was 18 and is still doing theater today. In fact he just won an Elly award (see: ) for supporting actor in a drama for his role in Endgame at the Actor's Theatre of Sacramento. Although he was very humble about it. Congratulations to you!

Anyway, I am posting this to put it out in the universe, Captian Mitch is alive and well in Sacramento. Here is a photo of Captain Mitch as many of us knew him.

He is a present to the world and touched so many lives. I just hope he knows. Be well... Tj.