Monday, November 30, 2009

A couple of new art pieces

Just a couple of random, holiday paintings. Peppermint, and Santa Skully. Peppermint was going to be the background for another painting, but I liked it too much to paint over. They really look better in person. Both acrylic on canvas paper, 8x10. I have others in my head just waiting to get out too!! Soon... Be well! Tj.

Friday, November 27, 2009

True life story #521

Lindsey, Joe and I went out to get a slice of pizza this afternoon, and people watch at the new ice rink they put in for the winter months. While there, the wind came up and the trees let loose of some of their leaves, it felt like a winter wonderland of snow... well except it was fake ice and leaves falling in place of snowflakes. Hey it was 60 degrees, what do you expect? The camera didn't really pick up the falling leaves, but if you click on the photo you can kind of see! Be creative! Tj.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Memories of childhood Thanksgivings bring Norman Rockwell like moments flashing through my head! This Rockwell Thanksgiving so brings that feeling of family and home to me. As a child we had huge Thanksgiving feasts, my mom had 11 brothers and sisters, and I have 53 first cousins. Yes, quite a large family! Most of us lived right here in Sacramento. We were almost always together for Thanksgiving. Our home was often the gathering place. Our dining room table expanded into a very large table, it sat about 2 dozen people. Then there would be the "kids tables", one in the kitchen, one set up in a bedroom. The "bar" area was set up in the garage and there would be aunts, uncles, cousins everywhere! We don't have quite the large gathering we used to, and it is usually at my house but not this year. This year I am going home. My brother Tim lives in our childhood home, complete with the table where we spent so many Thanksgiving meals. Thaddeus, my nephew, wanted to cook this year. He is almost 13, and has aspirations to be a chef when he grows up! He has quite the feast planned for us, I feel blessed. I am thankful for many things, my beautiful family, friends, health, a job, our home. I am also thankful to live in these times where we have the technology that allows us to share and make friends with people we might never had a chance to. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Be blessed, be well. Peace to you all. Tj.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Nicks birthday!

Flash back to November 23, 1981, 28 years ago... I gave birth to my first child. A beautiful baby boy who we named Nicholas. Nick you were a big beautiful gift. I love you and I'm so happy you were born! My life would not be as full of love and life without you. You were a happy loving playful child and have grown up to be a wonderful and loving man. I am so proud you are my son.
Here are a few photos.
Here is me and his dad Adam, before Nick was born. Newborn Nickie 8 pounds 15 oz. After 30 hours of labor we were both a little spacey! Nick and me on his first birthday reading a book. Nick splashing around. Nick and Adam at a baseball game. Nick me and Lindsey in Cannon Beach Oregon! Nick's 21st birthday with cousin Thaddeus (Thaddeus looks like Nick don't you think?). Nick dealing poker at the World Series of Poker last year! And Nick today. Happy 28th birthday honey, I love you!!!

New painting

I finished a painting this weekend for the Following the Masters painting challenge. This challenge is open to all mediums and you can replicate or give your own interpretation of the master painting being working on. But this month is a little different. For Challenge Nine no specific painting or Master artist was provided, it was left up to the individual to show who you are inspired by. I've always loved Leonardo da Vinci's Man and I saw a similar interpretation on a t-shirt once. It's always been on my to paint list so I gave it a shot! Black and white is not my usual, but I like it! I will send to the blog and see if it gets added. So here is Tj's Bass Man, acrylic on 12x12 canvas. Be well and go create! Tj.

Friday, November 20, 2009

True life story #87

So, there is construction going on in the lot behind us. It is about 25 feet from my bed. 2 new homes going in. So, they wake us up every morning now at the crack of 7:00am. I am not a morning person, and my hubby works nights so that is way too early for him. Bla... But we were supposed to get rain today, and we were hoping for an early morning rain to prevent the hammering so early... not.

But it has rained, everything smells wonderfully clean and fresh! Love that smell!! Love the rain!!! Makes me feel like dancin! Be well... Tj.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New blog!

Because I obviously have too much spare time... (right), I've started a new blog. I just love the place where we live. It is so culturally diverse and there is so much life that passes right by my door that I want to share. My plan is to post there daily, just a tidbit of life in the Southside park neighborhood. Some days may be long, some just a photo. If you are interested, I have posted a link to it on the left. It's called "A House of a Different Color". Yes, I did watch the Wizard of Oz over the weekend! My all time favorite movie. :)

I will still be blogging here too, of course! This is all about me, my art, my life, my family, my loves. That will be specifically about my home.

I had a great Second Saturday!! What a great place Vox is, or I guess I should say Sacramento Vox in the Urban Hive building. I think that is right? Good people, great space. The raffle that benefited the Byron Blackburn memorial fund raised over $500. There was some really fun and great art that was raffled. There was also some wonderful art being shown, I am happy to have been part of it! AND.... I believe I sold the Old Town Monterosso Italy Laundry painting! Woo hoo!!! I have had confirmation from the buyer that she does want it. She just loved it, that makes me happy!

Well, off to the YMCA in a bit. Still lovin it!! Be well, be creative... Tj.

Friday, November 13, 2009

True life story #398

Lindsey got her braces off today!!!! I went with her and got to watch, hard process to watch, much harder to go through I'm sure, but look at that smile! Yahoo!! Love you honey.

New painting

I did this painting for a raffle that will be taking place at the VOX show this weekend. Sorry there is a little glare on the photo. The raffle is to benefit the Byron Blackburn memorial fund. A fund that was set up for music students in the Elk Grove school district. We didn't know Byron, he was a local bass player who lost a battle with cancer in September. I understand his wife is an artist, I really feel for her. He was not very old, looks like early to mid 30's in the photos I saw. Anyway, I had another skeleton in me. I am calling her "Bass Blues", she looks so sad, and has a hair clip with a bass clef on it. In honor of Byron Blackburn. I hope they like it. Be well... Tj.

Monday, November 9, 2009

3rd Laundry Painting for the VOX Show!

This one is also from a photo my friend David took while on vacation with his wife and my dear friend Carolee. It is in Venice Italy. Acrylic on 24x24 gallery wrap canvas. I call it Venice Laundry. The wall on the right is a little wonkey, but hey it's an old building!!! :)

VOX Studios are located at 1931 H Street Downtown Sac, right at the edge of the second Saturday happenings. Opening night is this Saturday, Nov 14, 2009 - 6-10 p.m. If you are out and about come on by!! Be well. Tj.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

True life story #623

In the opening scene, Ruthie Taylor, played by Lindsey Molineaux (my lovely daughter) is bitten by the bat boy. The bat boy is captured and taken to the local vet Dr Parker to be dealt with. Dr Parker's wife takes the bat boy under wing as her own. Dr Parker is very jealous of his wife's love for the bat boy. Ruthi...e, who has been hospitalized for the entire first act due to her injuries, is visited by Dr Parker, he is stricken with jealously and decides that if the bat boy can be blamed for Ruthie's death he would win back his wife. Of course he doesn't, but this is what takes place! Aha aha aha aha!!! God job Lindsey!!! And great job to the cast and crew, Bat Boy the Musical was fantastic!!!!! (Please excuse the terrible video work)

I did not know what happened to her when I saw Bat Boy the first time, I just sat there with my mouth open!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November Second Saturday Show!

I am very excited to participate in VOX studios Urban Landscapes show. I will be showing 3 of my laundry paintings. It is a great space, lots of brick walls and has a lofty feel to it! Really nice people too!

The evening will include a benefit for the Byron Blackburn memorial fund. A local musician who lost a battle with cancer. We did not know him, but being the wife of a musician feel honored to be able to help. Here is the flyer...

Monday, November 2, 2009

True Life Story # 285

My hubby Joe and I spent Halloween night home together, we have not done that in years. It was great fun! We watched Night of the Living Dead, and remembered how scary a movie could be without all the special effects. We sat on our front steps and handed out candy to all the little ghosts and goblins. We even had a visit from the Pope! Ok, not the real Pope. He was about 3 feet tall, with the most wonderful white and gold Pope hat and robe! Must have been the mom's idea don't you think? Or do you think a 3 year old would say, I want to be the Pope for Halloween? We voted that one the best costume that visited our steps that night! Too cute!!!

This is witchy me with my daughter Lindsey's black cat, Pancakes, casting a spell! Waaahahahaha!!!