Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time flys!

Just an update. Shoot I am really failing at blogging, I can't believe it's been over a week again.

I went to two Swell Sister meetings last week, very exciting stuff happening. We have an art show scheduled for December for Second Saturday. Second Saturday is a regular art event here in Sacramento. For more info go to http://www.2nd-sat.com/ This will be my very first art show, I am so jazzed about it. We are meeting to plan the evening, writing our bios, getting press releases together, planning the reception, and oh yeah thinking about what to paint… well I am thinking about painting cause that is what I do. Other sisters have other art that they will show. It is all exciting. Our show will be at the Coffee Garden http://www.thecoffeegardenonline.com/ a local coffee house. It's a little off the beaten path for Second Saturday, but there is another gallery next to it and they have been doing a Second Saturday event for a while so we have high hopes! Our theme for the show is 'Gather the Women'. I am still contemplating what my subject might be!!

I am also involved in the current Swell Sisters Indi project. There are 9 of us, (I think 9 maybe 10), each of us started a painting or piece of art. Then we passed off what we did to another sister to work on. I am posting both my piece I started and the piece I worked on second. But remember these are both UNFINISHED works in progress! The piece with the drummer, there was only the background when I got it to work on. But in that background I saw him! Whala!! He has a creepy unfinished face, his lips are not right, and underdeveloped hands, I had to force myself to stop working on him cause he bugs me unfinished and he's just staring at me through those dark glasses! Smirking at me... but I get to pass him off Friday so I'll be ok! :) The girl, I started her, put her down and then worked on her again because I found out I had longer that I thought. First it was just the background and her, no head or arms. Then I added the mirror, with the reflection with a head and messy hair and the light. I see it as a self image kind of thing. It will be interesting to see what the other sisters do with it!

Oh and more painting at home. We are now working on Lindsey's old room, our soon to be new office. Her room was dark blue ceilings, bright green walls and had hot pink trim. We decided to just paint the trim, we could live with the blue and green. So I bought a gallon of paint, well last week Joe accidentally dropped the paint can. Yep. Paint all over the carpet. Yikes!! But we worked quickly, scooped up what paint we could, shop vac'd out the excess we couldn't scoop up then I steam cleaned over and over and over again. Really the paint doesn't even show on the carpet, so that was good. BUT… now that we are almost done, guess what, we have about a half of a quart too little paint. Just about what we lost. So I guess it's off to Lowes again we go! Once it's painted we can move the office, then next, MY ART STUDIO!!!!!!

And last a Chester update. He made it through the surgery great! He had to wear a cone on his head for 2 weeks, until the staples were out. That cone was a pain, he kept just plowing through things, running into walls, I thought he was going to break his neck and he almost knocked me down more than once. But it's all good now and he's back to his sweet loving self!!! That's all for now, be well! Tj.

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