Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Whew…. What a weekend!

The Second Saturday shows went great! The Kennedy Gallery had sold several pieces for the benefit before I arrived, I do not know if any of my pieces sold. But… I sold the "He gave her his heart" piece at the Vox Sacramento artist reception on Friday night! Nice!!! The woman who bought them, Tania, was so excited and really loved them. I am still amazed when someone hands me money for my art. I was like, really? Are you sure? And she handed me a check… yes! The reception on Saturday night at Vox was nice. Lots of people came through and great music.

The last stop on my Second Saturday trek was at the Marco Fuoco gallery for the Erotica show. What an interesting event that was! The show was great, lots of wonderful art. They had only a couple of pieces that crossed the line from Erotica to Porn, and they didn't hang them. They did however show them, when they were sure that no children were present, my friend Jen would hold them up and walk around with them… kind of like those girls at a boxing match holding up the numbers. There was a fashion show of a line of clothes Marco designed several years ago. Sexy clothes made of beautiful dyed silks that he designed. And there were dancers, a little belly dancing, a little strip. LOTS of people attended. Oh and I sold 4 little paintings, 3 valentines and 1 other 5x5 painting I had there. Woo hoo! All in all a great Second Saturday!!!

Valentines day my hubby was playing, he has a regular Sunday gig, so I went out and spent some time with him. It was a very nice afternoon, I got to just sit and relax and I love spending time with my honey!

I will be back in my studio, working on a piece for the Virtual Paintout challenge, we are doing San Francisco scenes this month. I started a piece last weekend of the corner of Haight and Ashbury. And I am going to be doing a self portrait for a project with Art House Co-op. Next? Well, I have a commission piece I will be working on for one of my very oldest friends Carolee. Ok, no she is not the oldest person I know, we have been friends for a REALLY long time! Since 6th grade, and we won't mention how many zillions of years ago that was! :) Love you Carolee!!!
Be well, be creative, until next time... Tj.


JRL said...

I love spending time with you too!!

Autumn Leaves said...

Your energy and enthusiasm for life are exponential, TJ. Such a whirlwind of activities! Looking forward to seeing your San Fran piece too!