Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 here I come!

This is going to be a BIG year! My daughter is going to graduate college in June (I am so proud of you Linz!) and I am going to retire... toward the end of the year. My retirement date has been planned for September 14 in 2011 for years... but, I am on this project at work, a big project and it's important. The planned implementation date is of course... September 19, 2011. I feel like I need to stick around, and more, I feel like I don't want to submit my retirement application around then. The project I am on is for the new system that will calculate and pay my retirement. Pretty important! This system is replacing several legacy systems that we use today. Anyway, my retirement may be postponed, slightly.

I have some artistic goals set for the next few months. I have been working on a very large painting for a very good friend, I hope to complete that soon... I hope! I also have a smaller commission to work on and I am doing one piece for a February show. "To Write Love" is the theme. Show at Vox Sacramento. The show opens February 12th. More to follow! I also excited about a childrens picture book I'm working on, I called it Gertrude's Giant Hat!

I came across this painting I did a couple of years ago and wanted to share. Painted while on vacation in La Selva Beach! My "Beach Fairy" is 8x8, on canvas board, has actual shells for her wings and yes, she is floating above real sand...

I am so looking forward to 2011, and hope everyone is well... Tj.

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Kay said...

very cute painting..congrats on retiring!