Friday, January 30, 2009

A Painting a day... wait what??

Ok, I did not paint yesterday. I failed! Oh well... I'll catch up tonight. Last night we went to vist some very dear friends of ours. Jamie and James Ellis are moving to Texas and last night was our last visit, until we are able to go to Texas and visit them! I have known Jamie her whole life, you see her mother is a high school friend of mine! Patti and her hubby and other daughter live in Texas now, and Jamie and James are moving closer to her! I am sure Patti will be so happy to have her 2 adoreable grand kids close to her! I know I would!!! We will miss you guys, but we'll come and visit... and I know you will be back in Sac too! So, we didn't get home until around 9, and well... I didn't paint! I'll catch up tonight and post Day 18 and 19!

For now I thought I'd share this painting I did in 2007. It is one of my favorites, very alice in wonderlandy... Hey it's Friday!!!!!!! Tj.

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