Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A painting a day...

I have been trying to wait until my home computer has all the fixes needed and all our files restored to update my blog. But that could be a while. I have some things I want to post like the video of me playing my ukulele in public for the very first time… my debut! Some photos of the Swell Sister first art show, that was fabulous. A few holiday moments I want to share. But I guess I'll wonder back in time when I can get to those files. (Hopefully that will be soon) For now I want to post about 2 things.

First, I have been given a new challenge. A painting a day for 30 days! It is for an art show in February for Second Saturday, that's right I'm in another show!! That is 4 months in a row now… WOW!! Who would have thought, a year ago or even 6 months ago that I'd be showing now, I have the Swell Sister Society to thank for that. I have been inspired to move forward in my art and to take leaps instead of baby steps. Thank you to all my Swell Sisters for your inspiration and support!!! So back to the Painting a day…

Here is my day one painting. They will all be acrylic on 6X6 stretched 3/4 wrapped canvas. I decided because it was a month long challenge to do the phases of the moon. Each day I'll paint the moon in what ever phase it is in, and in the foreground there will be a musician of some kind! So day one… January 12th 2009, the moon was full on the 11th, so it is just barely in the waning gibbous phase, tiny shadow on the right, not quite full and a trumpet player doing his thing! I am very jazzed about this project. We'll see how I feel 2 weeks in and I have to fit in to my busy schedule to do a painting a day! It should be an interesting project, emotionally, physically, artistically, spiritually… we will see! I am going to try to post each day, so anyone who wants can follow my progress too… if there is anyone out there??

The other thing, my very good friend Carolee sent me this photo of me and my hubby from 1993. (Thanks Carolee!) Who are those kids? Dang my husband was damn sexy back then! He’s sitting there all mysterious in his Beer Dawg shirt looking so cool. (He was the original bass player for the Beer Dawgs, for those of you who don’t know) I love you honey!

Ok, I'll be back tomorrow with today's painting. Be well! Tj.


JEN ZONE said...

Wonderful thirty-start.

Sexy is as sexy does......the both of YOU. Wow! How cool are Both-O-uze!


Campbell Jane said...

What a fantastic idea with the moon! You are amazing! I'm boring...doing angels but hey everyone needs an angel right?! Love the painting and the picture of you and your honey! I love hats but hardly wear them. Have a great day!