Saturday, February 21, 2009

Altered pages

Ok, my swell sister Janet Campbell has started us on a new obsession! I was starting to feel a little, hum let down I guess after completing the 30 30 show, and this was just what I needed!
The rules are simple:
1. You must use an old paperback page.
2. No ripping or tearing or making holes in the page.
3. You can not have more than 7 words in one line across the page.
4. You must have more than 1 word on the entire page.
5. You must use only a black marker.
6. The art and drawings must make a little sense.
Janet posts Altered pages submitted to her on her blog on Tuesdays. Folk Art by Cambell Jane.

Here are my first 4. It was fun, and interesting how the words on the page influence the doodles! You will have to click on the image to read the words left from the book!
Enjoy and be well!! Tj.

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Deb DiSalvo said...

LOVE it! I tried my hand at this also and it was so fun! I'll be posting my page on my blog later today!