Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Thirty Works in Thirty Days show!

I am so very honored to be part of this exciting art event! The challenge, each artist was to create 30 small masterpieces in 30 days (AND I did!). Thirty Works in Thirty Days will include art in a variety of mediums from local Sacramento artists and include some of my swell sisters like, Jennifer Jacobsen, Rebecca Rizzo, Laurelin Gilmore, Alyson Murphy, Jillian Wilkowski, Sue Dedina, Cree Hudson, Lisa Geren, Janet Regan, and Mikie Spencer. Go SISTERS!!! The evening will also include music provided by the Tyson Graf Band. It should be a fun evening of inspiring art, tasty food, great music and interesting conversation, I invite all my readers to join us! For more information contact the Marco Fuoco Gallery (916)455 0225

Here is the postcard, and also here is my label for the show. My little Luna Tunes look great hanging all together!! I am sooooo jazzed!!!!!!!!!! Be well, Tj.

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