Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Painting for my son!

Ok, so Nick moved out a couple of months ago. When he moved I promised him a piece of art for his new apartment... well I finally finished it! Nick is a poker dealer, so it had to be poker related. But I didn't want it to be your average poker art... dogs playing poker, cards running. Ok, so I painted what I'm calling Nick's forest. It is 2 gnomes, 1 leprechaun, 1 fairy and a squirrel playing poker in a forest. The whole painting and a close up of the game, what do you think? I hope he likes it I'm taking it to him this afternoon!!!

Also, here is a photo of Joe and I doing our performance art piece for the newspaper show. It was fun... sitting in a public place in our jammies felt kind of funny at first, then we got into it! HA! Notice the newspaper chain that blocked our piece off.
Here is a photo of my daughter Lindsey wearing a newspaper hat, and a photo of me with my art hanging on the wall.

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Anonymous said...

omg. the newspaper hat...ahahaha. thanks, mom?