Friday, May 1, 2009

Next art show and our vacation!

Ok, so here are 2 of the paintings I've done for the next show I am in called Jazzed! A reflection of music in art. So instead of doing the obvious, musicians, I decided to do dancers. I found some inspiration in some old photos I found of zoot suits dancin...

Here is the postcard for the show... (which I did too, photoshoped a pic of Lester Young)

Last week my hubby and I took a little trip. It was his birthday, (happy birthday honey!), and also he had a gig down south in Santa Maria. So we rented a little beach house. How great that was! Perfect place to relax the days away! I sat and painted right next to the ocean, love it!! And here is the birthday boy feeding some very agressive seagulls! It's the birds!!!!!!!!!!!

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You are active!!!