Tuesday, May 19, 2009

June Second Saturday Event...

I am participating in something different for June's Second Saturday. The Alley Arts Festival, which is a small event in an empty lot about a block from the center of the Second Saturday galleries and happenings. Some of my Swell Sisters and I have rented spaces, and are going to try to sell some of our stuff! I thought I'd do some flower paintings, some landscapes, and also am going to do some very small works of art! I am going to try to get a bunch of things done, but here are my first few. 2 yellow daisy's, 2 landscapes... well sort of!

I was sick the last few days, no not swine flu... but a bad cold. My dear hubby shared! Thanks honey! But I am feeling better and think I'll be just fine in a day or so... and ready to get back to work! Hope everyone is doing good. Be well... Tj.

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Anonymous said...

Summery, and colorful, and whimsical, Terry.

Brilliant sunnies, and magical carnival scene tucked upon the green hillside, and Oh! a balloon ride!

Creations full of joy!

-SS, jenj