Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I am still here!!!

I haven't posted anything for a while but I am still here. Our holiday was grand! Spent it with my brother and his kids. I say kids, but really they are not any longer. Heather is almost 17 and Thaddeus will be 13 in a couple of weeks. I do miss Christmas with little kids around. But I'm sure one day we will have that again. (keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get grandkids someday) I have not been to the YMCA in a while, probably 2 weeks and I'm starting to feel like a slug! I've taken an oath with my hubby we will get back to our routine again after the new year is upon us! A new year and a new decade!!! 2010 here we come! Unbelievable. When I think about things like, the Y2K project I was involved in at work and the panic that swept over the well, the world! That was 10 years ago… what???? Can you believe it? I can't. The next decade promises to be a bright and shiny one. And it's almost here!!! I have not painted in a couple weeks either and I am missing it!!! I just bought some canvas at Aaron Brothers, 1 cent sale! So hopefully I'll be splashing paint again soon. But here is a painting I did, well 2 years ago now. I was late with my Christmas cards so I decided to do Happy New Year cards that year. Here is the original… poor Santa. He was pooped!!! Be well… Tj.

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Autumn Leaves said...

TJ!!! That has to be the most fabulous idea and card ever! I love the tired out Santa, the clock, the baby New Year...Just perfect. I hope this new year is a wonderful one for you and your family!