Sunday, April 18, 2010

Another Bee painting

I had a vision... for the bee show. A beehive hairdo! This is called "Beehive Hairdo-Bad Hair Day". It is 8x24. Acrylic. She's got attitude. Humph. And yes bees buzzing around her head. This one will hopefully be included in the Bee Show along with my painting "Sunflower Bliss!" (below) Also here is a painting I did as a commission. Johns boat. I don't think it is done, I want to get some details for the boat. Numbers, a name, railing? I am sure there is detail, I just can't see it in the photo he gave me. The painting is 12x12, acrylic. I had a great weekend, heard my honey play at the Marriott in Rancho, out by the pool, very beautiful setting, but it was just a little windy and cold! Happy Birthday and goodbye for now to our friend Mouse! The weather has been perfect! Went to water aerobics twice! Nice weekend, now back to work! Be well... Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

TJ, both of these paintings are wonderful. The first one tickles my sense of humor. The second? i am awed by the water and reflections and the beautiful framing by the trees and rocks. Gorgeous piece!

Lydia said...

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