Monday, September 6, 2010

True life story #691

Timing is everything!

My hubby and I drove down to a really awesome cactus nursery today, it was amazing but that isn't the story. The drive takes us down hwy 99 and right by a local sky dive school. Just as we were getting close I spied a couple of divers coming in for a landing then a couple more and then... the sky was full of parachutes making a landing! It was amazing timing, zooming along the freeway, and be right there at that exact time! Yes! This is the kind of parachute... be well. Tj.


JRL said...

it was pretty amazing, i got a rush just watching them.

Sukad35 said...

Timing is part of life evolving nature. Good or bad is just a coincident.


sb.marianna said...

I'll try sky diving some day... and bungee-jumping. gotta live my life, no? and doing crazy things like these is part of it