Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blue Ribbon... huh?

Hello all! Well we are back from vacation. It was a wonderful spot to spend a week. The weather was perfect, highs in the 70's, lows in well I don't know but it was never too cold. The sun was out most of the time, except for several mornings. So we get home and in the mail I have a blue ribbon! I painted a flag for my friend Patti last year, her husband is in the military and she love all things patriotic. Well she entered it into the county fair where she lives and I got first place! WOW! I've never won any ribbons... ever. I didn't even know she was entering me. It was a really fun surprise! My love to you Patti, Thank you again!!

What a kick!!

Ok, well I have lots to share about vacation. Got lots of painting done, but I'll get back to that as soon as I can. Have many updates but we're going to eat dinner now. Be well... Tj.


Campbell Jane said...

WOW! That's fantastic! Good for you!! I'm excited for you! What a great friend for doing that. It's very cool I can see why you won! You're very talented!

JRL said...

You get all the ribbons in the world if it was up to me!!!

Ellis Family said...

wooooo hooooo! My mommy is the best!