Saturday, July 26, 2008


Well it's been quite a week. We had to take Chester, our big dog (Bosco is our little dog), to the vet on Wednesday, he stopped eating and was throwing up a bit. Not like him not to eat so I knew something was up. He ate fine on Monday, Tuesday no, Wednesday morning not interested. So off we went. Well the doctor poked around him abdomen, was not sure what was up. Wanted to do some xrays. Well they didn't come up with anything conclusive. She suggested leaving him, they would put him on fluids and do a whole panel on him. So we left him there overnight. Tests came back, again nothing conclusive. Lindsey and I went to visit him after I got off work on Thursday, he wasn't in the room for 20 seconds and he threw up all over the floor. I felt so bad, he looked so sad. They took him back again, and the doctor came out, suggested an ultrasound. She was going to try to get the radiologist there Thursday night, but she wasn't sure that could happen. Absolutely would happen on Friday. I was pretty upset, Chester was just miserable and I didn't want him to suffer, what to do. I was worried. Friday morning at 10, the ultrasound was done. They discovered that he did indeed have a blocked intestine. They thought it may be that from the beginning. Emergency surgery was done. They pulled a wadded up piece of rope out of his intestines, dumb dog, she said it was just in time as it could have burst. Chester came through the surgery really well. Last night he was resting, they are going to try to feed him again today. Poor baby hasn't eaten since last Monday. I hope he eats. Bosco will be happy to see him, he has really missed him!

So while all of this was going on, in the back of my mind I'm concerned about our vacation plans. My brother Tim and his kids, Thaddeus and Heather. Lindsey, Nick and I are leaving this morning for La Selva Beach. So do I go, do I not it all depended on what happens with Chester. Well, I decided to still go, even up to last night I was thinking I would stay home till Chester was home. But Joe will be here till Monday. That was the plan all along, he has gigs this weekend he didn't want to miss. Chester will be in the hospital till tomorrow. Joe may stay home till Tuesday we will see. Nick is only staying at the beach over night so he'll be back tomorrow. And he will be home and taking care of all of our animals. Including now, being Chester's nurse. And if needed we will be only a 2 hour drive away. I can always come home... but I think it will all be ok. Nick will take good care of our poor Chester.

Anyway, we will have Lindsey's laptop with us. So, I may post while I"m gone but I may not! I'm going to sit, stare at the ocean, paint, practice my uke, and spend some time with the fam! Be well... Tj.

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Campbell Jane said...

Hey Sister
I'm so glad your Chester is ok! That's so stressful!