Tuesday, September 16, 2008

52 wait what????

Ok, I turned 52 two days ago. This is the second time I typed that and it still looks and sounds really strange! 52, how does that happen? But I guess really it's a great thing right! I have all those years of expierencing life and I am just that much closer to retirement! It could be worse. So yes it was my birthday, and I had a great weekend. Spent time with lots of family and friends.

Friday, Joe and I went to the Sacramento song circle. I took my ukulele and played with other people in the room for the first time. It was scary and exciting all at the same time! And we sang our butts off as usual. Always fun.

Saturday, Lindsey and I joined some of my Swell Sisters and went to the opening of the Verge Gallery. They had their Circus show. It was full of great art, preformers, games. I won a ping pong ball in a bag o water! The show was all about animal abuse in the circus. The game I played was tossing a gold fish (plastic of course) into a bowl with a ping pong ball. And I won! Funny twist on the ping pong ball toss into a bowl with goldfish! The art was disturbing and grand, artists from all over came together for this show. The Verge is a huge space! Lindsey wasn't feeling good, so I took her home and Joe returned from a gig as I was about to go back so he went with me! I was glad, he got to meet some of my swell sisters, and spend the rest of the evening with me! One of my swell sisters Laurelin Gilmore was having her first Second Saturday art show. So we all went to go share the expierence with her! She did great, sold many of her works, had lots of people come through, got lots of great compliments!! Way to go Laurelin!

Sunday, my actually BD, I went to brunch with my family including my brother Tim and nephew Thaddeus. We went to Pancake Circus. They have the best pancakes in town!!! Yum! After, Lindsey and I went to the 24th street Theater to see Anything Goes. It was a fun show! Brought back some memories for us, Lindsey was in that show in high school, she played one of the angels. Sunday night I went to the Torch Club. Joe was playing with Stacie Eakes and the Superfreaks. My birthday was announced over and over! I really felt loved!!!!

I took off yesterday to rest, whew. Today I went to a birthday lunch with my co-workers. Wow! How many days does a birthday last anyway!!!

On another front... we are almost done moving our office! Just some of the left over don't know what to do with stuff left to figure out. Then, I have to come up with a paint color for my new studio!!! I am having a hard time because I love color. But since I'll be working in there I don't want the wall color to affect my work. Anyone have any suggestions???

Ok, that's it for today. Be well!! Tj.

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