Monday, September 22, 2008

My soon to be art studio and more!!

I am getting soooo close to having my own art studio!! I am so excited, I just can't wait! The office is totally moved… so… my art studio is being prepped for paint! I chose a golden yellow color. I hope it isn't too bright, it's called sunrise beach. The color of the walls was such a difficult decision! I wanted something that would look good behind my art. Something not too bright but not dull either. I guess if it is too much I can always paint again! Our house is such a mess right now. Stuff piled up everywhere, but I guess that is natural when you are moving things around. It will be great to have our living room be just our living room and get all my art supplies out of the corner!
I really feel like I'm moving in the right direction now, I ordered business cards which should be here any day now! And I ordered post cards, not sure what I'll do with them, but I got them for practically nothing. Just shipping! If you need cards or stickers or magnets I absolutely suggest vista print. Their prices can't be beat, they have a great selection of templates, the website is easy to understand. Anyway, check these out…
My business card:
My post card:
Don't be surprised if you get one in the mail!!!

Anyway, the foundation for my art career is being laid. Once my studio is done I can start painting again… I haven't been doing much because we have been working on the house. And well I work full time, and there has been much going on with the swell sisters! The Swell Sister Society is such a great group of women. I am learning so much and just drawing inspiration from them ALL. Last week, Cheryl, one of the Swell Sisters, graciously opened her home and taught a group of us how to do gourd art! I'll have to post a photo of my bird house gourd I made. It was fun, and came out much better than I would have imagined! I really enjoyed it! The wood burning, carving, diviting and staining! Oh what sights and smells!! I hope we do gourds again, it was a blast!

We had our monthly Swell Sister meeting last week also, we had a guest speaker, Gioia Fonda who is one of the owners of Tangent gallery here in Sacramento. She spoke to us about pink week. The Pink Week holiday's main purpose is to celebrate, observe and commemorate the color pink for pink's sake. Pink Week is a non-profit art piece with absolutely no political, religious or social agenda other than pink. Not to be confused with pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness or pink triangles representing homosexual identity, though both have great value in the world. During Pink Week, pink just means pink. For more info on pink week or how you can participate go to

Ok, that's it for today, be well. Tj.


Ellis Family said...

I LOOOOVe Vista print! They r fantastic! And those cards are beautiful! You have to invite me over when you get ur studio all done so I can be jealous! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Terry! I think the yellow walls will be bright and have a positive electrifying attitude for you to create in. I can see it! It'll make everything POP!...into perfect artistic reality for you.

Oh, yes it!