Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Lesson learned...

I was in a total panic this morning. Last night I gave my painting "In a Sea of Pink" one final coat of varnish. It was not the best lighting when I did it and I was getting sleepy. But I wanted to get it done so it would be absolutely dry by tonight when I take it to Tangent Gallery. Well, I got up this morning to find a hair found it's way into the finish! Ahhhhhh!!! It looked terrible. And was so obvious to me. I worked and worked on it and finally I carefully caught a piece of it, just enough to pull it off. Whew. I very carefully gave it another coat of varnish this morning. It will be plenty dry by tonight. So, lesson learned. Varnish in a well lit, very clean area!!! I was lucky this time. No disaster! Be well and GO VOTE!!!!! Tj.

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