Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pink Week!

I am so excited!! My piece called "In a Sea of Pink" was chosen to be part of the pink week show at Tangent gallery! What is Pink Week you ask? Well, it has it's own website you can read more at or go to Tangent gallery website at Tangent is a modest artist run gallery with three simple goals: To display dynamic and compelling modern art by local and non-local artists, to give back to the neighborhood in which they established the gallery by attracting commerce and visitors, and to serve to community of Sacramento by offering art that, in many cases, other local galleries have been unwilling to display. Yeah them! And yeah for me because this is my first official gallery hanging!!! I am excited and nervous and happy and scared all mixed up! Whew… just breathe. That's what I tell my kids all the time. Guess I should take my own advise!

Saturday night I went out to dinner with some of my swell sisters, we feasted at Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant. Wow! I have never eaten Moroccan before. What an experience, the food was great the atmosphere exotic, we had a great dancer who taught us a few belly dancing moves. The thing that was most "out of my zone" was no eating utensils! That's right, they bring a copper pot to the table and a teapot of warm water. You hold your hands over the copper pot as they pour the water, and then... yep you eat everything with your fingers! That was such a different eating experience! And of course spending time with my swell sisters is always wonderful! For more about Marrakech go to

PERSONAL REQUEST. My dear sweet mother in law Marge was diagnosed recently with a rare form of lung cancer. She had her first treatment this morning. She came through the treatment very well and the prognosis is fairly good. My father in law Alan has been battling Mesothelioma (also lung cancer) for about a three and a half years, he has really beaten the odds and has, until recently, had very positive reaction to the treatments. The treatments didn't reduce the cancer this last time so they are considering removing his lung. They are both very strong positive creative people who are very dear to me and our family. Please help me put positive energy for recovery for each of them out into the universe... thanks friends. Be well. Tj.

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