Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Good week!

Tuesday… a day to blog. This has been a good week. I have a job, I've had it for nearly 30 years of course but... I still have a job that is very good! I also have a fun hobby that will hopefully some day be my job! But for now, I'm keeping my day job. I participated in the Alley Arts Festival (AAF) on Saturday. Very fun, spending time with my Swell Sisters… my husband Joe who helped set up and break down and stayed the whole day with me. Thanks honey! We had lots of people who came through, thanks to all my family and friends who came by! It was a lot of work to set up, and we were fighting the wind the whole time… whew!!!! Almost blew over a couple of times! Sales though, not so much. None of us had huge sales… I made enough to cover the cost of participating and postcards so I guess that was good! But… for now… I must keep my day job! So, thank goodness, I have a job! Here is a photo of some of the art we displayed and me making a sale!

I signed up on facebook yesterday, and also started a gallery page on Gallerish.com here is a link to my gallery page:
http://www.gallerish.com/artist.php?ArtistID=300 I will have lots more art added soon, I have to get some images done of the art I had for sale at the AAF.
I am so looking forward to 2 upcoming vacations! I am going on a retreat with my swell sisters from July 16 to the 19th in Mendocino! Should be a fun art filled weekend! Then we have a family vacation planned. We found a place that will let us bring out dogs! I am so excited to take a vacation and have the WHOLE family!! That's it for now. Be well! Tj

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