Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday and all is good.

Hello world! Thought I'd post some of my digital art. I am thinking of making blank cards to sell at the Alley Arts Festival of the 4 below I call rainbow flowers. They are bright and cheery! Daisies (of course), sun flowers, morning glories, and poppies. I love Photoshop! It is so much fun to alter reality. You can't trust photos any more these days as being "real". Also below is a piece I did a year or two ago, we had a long time co worker who was leaving and wanted to give her a plaque with our photos and well one thing led to another… yes that is me in the red swim suit top and red shorts! Don't I look marvelous! And no none of us have our "real bodies". :)

Lindsey came home yesterday. I was so happy to see her! She was in Arroyo Grande with Kelsi, house sitting for Kelsi's mom. Only gone for about a week, and really when she is home I hardly see her anyway, but I missed her! Glad you are back honey! Joe and I had a good weekend. He was off Sunday all day, I think his first Sunday off in years. He has had regular gigs on Sundays for many years. We spent the day in our garden trimming roses trees and bushes. I did a little planting. It was fun to get out there and get dirty together again and we created a BIG pile of trimmings! In the evening we went out to dinner and then to see Angels and Demons. I was a little disappointed. I thought the first movie, The Da Vinci Code was better. I mean it was a good movie, but not as good as the first, could just be me. But it was a good day!

On a sad note, I lost a high school friend recently, Cindy Nunes Ruark. Services for her will be this Friday. When we were young, Cindy was outgoing and crazy, she was an amazing artist. The first person I knew who made a living doing art. She did big beautiful murals. But as we grew older, she had some tragedies in her life. One of the big ones was when her husband Tom was killed in an auto accident. It was just 6 months after they adopted their son, Devin. Her life kind of spiraled after Tom died. She lived in our basement apartment when we first purchased our home in 1999-2000 she led a pretty sad life. She didn't do anything. Sit and watch TV all day, and drive Devin back and forth to school. I guess since then she had been drinking pretty heavily, I don't know maybe she was then too. But she pass away from cirrhosis of the liver. It all caught up with her. We lost touch, I don't think I'd seen her maybe once since she moved out of my house. But I will still miss her.

Well enough blogging for today. I wish for anyone who reads this to live life every moment. See the magic. Be well. Tj.

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