Saturday, July 18, 2009


I'm sitting at a desk in an ole house in Mendocino looking out at a bright sunny morning! Blue sky, light fog. Just Beautiful! I wish I could bring you all with me!!! This place is amazing, huge old historic home, 6 bedrooms, 5500 square feet. Enjoying my time here with my Swell Sisters... Crazy bunch of women! It's 8:25 am, and most are still sleeping! I think we are going into Mendocino village today for the 50th annual art and craft show, hope to find some kind of treasure! The weather is perfect here... not looking forward to coming back to the heat in Sacramento. Did do a little painting yesterday and hope to get more in today! Miss my family and my baby Bosco... my dog. Actually I have had reports that he misses me terribly. Poor baby. I am looking forward to my next vacation... soon after my return... to the Russian River! Ok, that is all for this morning. Be well! Tj.

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