Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tired but excited!

Yep that is how I'm feeling today. A little tired, I guess from the busy weekend. And really excited because I am going on an art retreat to Mendocino this weekend!! Several of my Swell Sisters and I rented a house in Mendocino for 3 nights/4 days. It's a great big house 6 bedrooms, and 5500 square feet, lots of room to spread out and make art! And it is going to be HOT here in Sacramento this week so it is perfect timing! Here it is supposed to be highs around 100, 104, in Mendocino highs in the mid 60's! Woohoo!!! I just hate the heat, love the ocean, so that sounds perfect to me! I hope to come home with several masterpieces! From being very relaxed and cool! :) The Clothing Optional Show went fairly well. I loved that my bestest friends came! Thanks Carolee and David!!

My next art show is at VOX gallery downtown Sac. Or at least it is suppose to be. I went to a meeting last night, or it was supposed to be a meeting, but well, there wasn't one. I'm sure it was just a miscommunication. Hopefully. I got to see the gallery though, it was nice… some great brick walls!

Now, on to other things… Furloughs. Bla. I now have 3 unpaid furlough Fridays a month, 15% of my income and the Governor is looking at possibly a fourth. That would be 20% of my income. I am all for doing my part, but is my family really responsible for over $1000 (20%) a month to balance the budget? Really, how much are non state employees giving a month? Sorry. I just think that is unreasonable. And those families who have 2 state worker incomes they are giving almost half of their monthly income. It's wrong. Those younger state employees who were only grossing $2000 or $2500, must really be hurting. I feel really bad for them. This won't help the economy at all, CA is in a hole. All Californians need to pitch in. There has got to be a better way. Oh wait how about pass the budget and furlough those in higher positions!!! Come on Arnold!
Ok, I'm done for today.

I hope the world is being good to you! Be well. Tj.

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