Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A little reflection on Tuesday

Well, this was a fun filled weekend that just passed us by! Friday night I went with my hubby Joe to Mok Hill… or Mokolume Hill to the Ledger Hotel. He was playing with someone he had never played with before, it was a kind of audition… for him and for them. Wingnut Adams Blues Band. http://www.wingnutblues.com/ And WOW it was great! Joe loved playing with him, and they loved Joe! So, he is the first call bass player guy now, yahoo! Wingnut put on a heck of a show… highly recommended!

My brother Tim and nephew Thaddeus returned from boy scout camp on Saturday afternoon, so we all went to Tim's to celebrate the 4th and also his birthday, which is on the 3rd. We ate pizza, and cake and ice cream, and shot off a couple of boxes of fireworks. Fun fun! Tim was tired and bruised up… sounded like the parents had to pass more tests than the kids did! Hey Tim you aren't a kid anymore you know!!! :) but really I hope you had a great Birthday!!

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent painting. Getting ready for the Clothing Optional show. I really had a great time with these big beautiful women! I hope they go over well. Here is the postcard for the Second Saturday event! Be well everyone!

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