Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Latest paintings

Well I'm back from vacation now for a few days, finally feel like I'm back in the swing of it... real life that is. Seems to get harder as I get older to re-adjust after not working for a while. Anyway, we had a great vacation, spent the week on the Russian River in Guerneville with the family. And the dogs. First time we took the dogs on vacation with us, I really enjoyed them and they did great! I did do some painting, so I thought I'd share...

The first I call "Wheres my glasses?" on your head of course! This was inspired by a gargoyle shelf that was hanging on the wall at the vacation house. It is acrylic, 6X6 gallery wrap canvas.

The second, I did for my dear friend Carolee for her birthday. We all turn 53 this year this lady came to me with her sparkly glasses... seemed appropriate! It is acrylic, 5X7 gallery wrap canvas.
Happy Birthday Carolee!!!

Then I did this conga player guy. He is acrylic on 4X12 gallery wrap canvas with the sides painted in harlequin. I think the side view more accurately reflects the color.

And I did one plein air, sitting in the redwoods. Acrylic on 8X10 gallery wrap canvas. Of course you just can't capture the magic of the redwoods.

I did start one other musician painting, but it isn't done so I'll share it later!
I had a show for Second Saturday at VOX studios. What a great space, nice people who run it too. Lots of people came through, thanks to you all! Here is a pic of me standing by my exhibit
I hope all is well in your world!!!! Until next time... Tj.


Rogalaca said...

T I love the colors you are using these days. Glad you vaca was fun.

Ricë said...

i LOVE "Where's My Glasses"--great job!

JEN ZONE said...

Great works of art, Terry. Love your colors and sense of humor.

Terrific photo of you located at VOX.