Friday, March 26, 2010

I do love spring! And I love flowers… particularly daisies and sunflowers. I have not shared any of my art for a while so I thought I'd post some I've painted over the years, below.

I currently have one piece on my easel, it is of the corner of Haight and Ashbury in San Francisco. Coming along nicely and should be able to finish it this weekend, at least I hope so because I have other projects I need to work on.

I took off work yesterday afternoon and took a glass fusing class with 3 of my cousins. It was really fun to spend time with them and interesting learning about the process, and putting together a project! When we left we all had pieces in the kiln, firing away! I can not wait to see the end results.

Future artistic endeavors… I am participating in a show in May, a Bee show. It is a benefit for Honey Bee research at the University of Davis. I hope they get a big crowd and we sell much art. After all, without the Honey Bee we would all bee in trouble! Ha! Bee in trouble… I've been coming up with all kinds of affirmations since I signed up… Bee happy! Bee extraordinary. Bee yourself! Bee inspired! Bee brave… ok you get the idea. I might do some cards or small works of art to take also and incorporate them. We will see!

The other project I am working on is my largest to date! My very good friend Carolee and her husband took a wonderful trip to Italy last fall. The photos they took while there are just beautiful, they were quite taken with it all. Carolee has commissioned me to do a painting for them based on some of their photos. The big blank canvas is 5' by 3'. Biggest canvas I have every attempted but I feel really ready to jump in! I've done some sketches for them, and am almost ready to start slinging paint!

More to come, for now Bee well!! HA! Tj.


Autumn Leaves said...

Hadn't seen the last three paintings before, TJ (I don't think), but they are each so beautiful. That sunflower in orange is so dramatic; I love it. Can't wait to see what you do on a super huge canvas!!

Ralph said...

your love of the flowers comes out in your art you have not only captured the beauty but also the emotion these flowers stir in us. Thank you so much.