Friday, March 12, 2010


I took myself to the doctor yesterday. I didn't know this was even something that can happen but... I still have a cough lingering from the flu and because of the cough, I cracked a rib! You can crack a rib coughing??? Did anyone know that? The doctor said it is much more common than you would think. Bla. Am I ever going to get back to the YMCA and my water aerobics classes?? YES I AM!!! I really miss it.

Today I helped (and I used that word very loosely here) hang the show at the Marco Fuoco Gallery. So ok with my sore ribs didn't really help. My friends Carol and Sue did all the real work, I can't sling a hammer right now. But I did use my left hand to fill holes, and I also secured sculptures to pedestals. The place looks great, I am excited about this show. My very first photography show and my photos and my cousin Louise's photos are hanging right next to each other! Speaking of photos, here are a few sunsets that I captured! The last one tell me what is that blue light? Aliens? Ha ha ha ha... be well... Tj.

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Autumn Leaves said...

Love the contrails in the first photo, TJ. The blue light looks like some sort of reflective flashback on your lens, though I am not positive, of course. Lovely, all of them!