Wednesday, June 25, 2008


My eyes are burning, my throat is scratchy and sore. YUCK! Anyone in the Sacramento Valley is feeling the same thing. The news this morning from Cal Fire is California has 1000 fires burning today. Now some are small, less than an acre, but some are huge and all the smoke is filling up the valley. We are like a bowl and with the heat acting as the top holding it all in! Not good. The air quailty control board tells us to stay inside as much as possible. Even healthy people are likely to show health symptoms, ug. I want to just run to the coast to breathe!! Ok well I always want to be at the coast anyway, but now even more. Someday in the not so distant future I will retire from my state job, get out of this gray cubicle, and move to the coast. I will sit by the sea and paint my days away! Ahhhh… I feel less stressed just thinking about it. All my family and friends will come and stay with me for vacations and holidays right? Be well. Tj.

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Janet Campbell said...

Hey Girl! I saw your blog link on Carol's blog! GOOD FOR YOU!! It looks fabulous!! It's really smokey up the hill too. Didn't even go out yesterday!