Sunday, June 29, 2008

Home repair

One thing is for sure, home repair never is as easy or take as short a time estimated. Well if I am doing the estimate I guess! Bedroom windows did not get installed yesterday, I didn't know the windows we need were different than the stock windows they sell at Lowes! We had to order the windows, they will be around 14 days. Oh well... the bathroom is much closer to completion. The shower/tub surround is done! Tim did a great job. The shower is functioning, and the bathroom is painted. It's pink! This pretty pale pink, called Sugar Egg Pink. We need to install the new floor and hang the towel racks. Lindsey's room is almost done too so she'll be able to start to move in a couple of days. Whew... I'm tired.

I am adding another painting I did recently, it was for Thaddeus (my nephew) for making honor roll! He loves dragons! Ok, enough for today, be well, Tj.

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Janet Campbell said...

Awesome painting Terry! Home repairs almost caused a divorce at our house! hahaha