Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a wonderful spot it is I live...

I can sit on my porch, and now in my art studio and see the whole world pass by. At least that is what it feels like at times. Our neighborhood, SouthSide Park, in Downtown Sacramento's South West corner is one of the most colorful, eclectic and diverse places I have ever been. Really. We live within just a few blocks from a Catholic church, the oldest Mosque in Sacramento, a Konko church, the High Sacrament Church, a Baptist church, The AME (African Methodist Episcopalian) and there are many others. Many different people, multiple views of life. We live just a half of a block from South Side park, where many different festivals take place during the year. This weekend has been no exception. Yesterday the Sikh religion's Five Loved Ones of the 10th Prophet and others gathered in our park to march in a celebration of peace. Wow. Right here where I live! I understand that Sikh temples were celebrating the 300th anniversary of their Holy Scripture. The Scripture calls for interfaith understanding and harmony and is 1,430 pages of poetry in 31 different meters. We could learn much from them I think. Our neighborhood was so colorful! Pink, Orange, Yellow, clothing and robes, bright and sparkling with jewels. Flowing in the breeze as they walked by my home. I sat in my studio and painted as the world went by! There is another festival today, totally different, the music sounds Hispanic, but I am not sure what festival it is. Maybe I'll walk down and find out. Ok, back to painting. Be well... Tj.

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Beautiful! That sounded spectacular!!!

Give me a jingle jangle the next time a cool something-or-other celebration happens. K? - I would love to check it out with you and photograph your over-the-top interesting and multi-cultural neighborhood.