Friday, October 17, 2008

I entered 3 paintings for the Pink Week show at Tangent Gallery here in Sacramento that runs from November Second Saturday to December. I haven't heard back from them yet so we will see if any of them are accepted. The first is called Hummer Buzz, 5x5x1.5, the second is In a Sea of Pink, 10x10x1.5 and third is Cruise in Pink, 12x12x1.5.

I started my main piece for the Swell Sisters December show. It's coming along, I want to do 3 others too so I have back up. If a painting sells, they take it down and you can replace it and also we might get to hang 2 each, so I must be prepared!

I am pooped today. Lindsey had her opening night last night in The Good Woman of Setzuan at Sac State. After the show the case all went out, and on her way home her car died on the freeway. So I got a call at 1:30, went and waited for the tow truck with her. A CHP officer stayed with us until the truck got there. I didn't get home until almost 3. So, I am slightly tired today. But it's Friday, so tomorrow I can sleep in and make it up!

I am going to see Lindsey's show tomorrow and an really looking forward to it! Lindsey said it includes some Cross-gendered casting, crazy bold makeup/costumes, 8ft. by 6ft. painted drops (beautifully painted!), stylized acting, 6ft - 8ft tall puppets! four of them!, song lyrics set to grunge/metal/rock music composed by the musical director, a live band, artistically bold set, and the show makes bold political statements on life and things currently happening in the world, plus its going to be edgy yet comical. It's really going to be a good time. Everyone should go see it, have fun and support college theatre! :) Here is Sac States website:
Happy Friday!!! Be well… Tj.

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