Monday, January 18, 2010

New art for a February Second Sat Show

So, I don't know if this is what they were talking about, it took me some thought as to what to do for this one. The Marco Fuoco Gallery is doing an Erotica Sensual art show for February. No not porn, Erotica. Second Saturday is the 13th, so this kind of fits with Valentines day. Anyway, what the heck. How do you do Erotica without doing porn? That was my question. I haven't sent this to them yet but I hope I got it! Sexy yes. Erotic will I think so, but is it erotic enough? Well I guess we'll find out! The first is bigger than I usually do, 36 by 36. I really enjoyed the larger canvas and I think I'm going to try some more larger scale pieces! Acrylic of course on gallery wrap canvas. I call it "Red Boots", for obvious reasons! The second is smaller, 20 by 20 again Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas. Titled "Tasty!" and I have 2 from my Big Beautiful Women series I think will work also. "Curves" 12 by 12, Acrylic on canvas board in black frame, and "Rear View" also 12 by 12 Acrylic on canvas board framed in black. I am also doing a show in February at Vox studios. But it is all about love! The show is called Let me count the ways. More on that to follow! Ok kids cover your eyes!!! Here are photos of the paintings for Marco's. Sorry about the bad quality, I am using my daughters point and shoot camera and couldn't get it without the flash and it's making a glare. (I am getting my new camera this week, can't wait!) So for Red Boots here is the whole painting and then a side view. The side view shows the colors better. Be well!!! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Each of these are just wonderful, TJ. I am enthralled by the time you spent on that flocked wallpaper background in the boots painting. I hope you do well in the shows!!

Tj Lev said...

Thanks Sherri! Really don't tell, the wallpaper was easy... I used a stamp! Shhhhh.... trade secrets! :)

I hope you are well! Tj.