Tuesday, January 12, 2010

True Life Story #682

I have been struggling in the last few days with a decision, kind of like Dorothy when she met the scarecrow, which way to go. My crossroad? To stay with the YMCA or to join 24 hour fitness.

The only reason this even came up is because of the break ins in the parking lot of the Y and the lack of response from them. I know of at least 5 incidents of broken windows and stolen objects. I mean really we are sitting ducks in the parking lot. We pull in, get out of our car with our towel or exercise bags, obviously we are going to be in there a while. The Y has cameras in the parking lots, but they didn't stop thieves from stealing my camera! Anyway, decisions decisions.

We went to 24 hour fitness and took a tour. They sure do have a nicer facility, much more equipment, more classes, a whirl pool, a steam room, AND it is less expensive! So what's stopping me? Well the pool for one. I go for the water aerobics classes at the Y. The pool at the Y is big, 25 meters and 6 lanes. It goes from 4 to 12 feet in depth. They have 4 nights of water aerobics classes and a Saturday day class and a lifeguard on duty all the time. 24 hour, has a 25 meter pool but it's only 2 lanes and only 4.5 feet deep, AND no lifeguard! They have 2 nights of water aerobics classes but earlier at 5:45. There is a 24 hour about 10 miles from my house that has 4 nights at 7:00. What to do…

Saturday afternoon I go to the class at the Y. As I'm walking in, a mom and her 2 kids are coming out, the kids have big bright smiling faces just having come from the pool. I go to class and enjoy it. Leaving, at the counter there is a young mom and her 2 girls, the older girl has a big smile on her face and is singing Y… MCA. Then in the parking lot a dad and his 2 kids running toward the building anxious to get in the pool.

The smiling faces of the kids. Those little moments of joy I get to experience at the Y. That won't ever happen at 24 hour. I go home and talk again with my family. Joe is perfectly comfortable with the Y, the equipment they have to offer works for him. Lindsey would like to go to 24 hour she has friends that are members and they could exercise together. So, our decision is… we keep our family membership at the Y, and get Lindsey her own membership at 24 hour. Yes a little more money, the break in thing? Well just don't leave anything of value in the car dummy! :)

I feel good about it, the family atmosphere at the Y, the kids joy that I get to share, that is priceless! Be well… Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Great solution and I am sure I'd have come down on the same side you did, TJ. I wish there was someplace near me to swim. Then again, if the water isn't at least in the mid to upper 80's, I am miserable in it! LOL How goes your muses?

Tj Lev said...

My muse is amused these days! I am doing a show in February WAY out of my comfort zone. Just a little push!! I hope you are well Sherry! Tj.