Thursday, January 14, 2010

True Life Story #1011 Drag Queen Bingo!

Yesterday a friend posted on Facebook she was going out with friends to Drag Queen bingo. I responded... what? I want to hear more about that!! But she never got back to me. So, I think, well… next time. I get home from work, my husband suggests we go out to dinner to one of our favorite hamburger places. Hamburger Patties. It is a bar/restaurant in midtown Sacramento, they have great burgers, friendly staff. The building was once home to Sams Hofbrau, a place my hubby and I knew very well, he used to play there several times a week so it is very familiar to us. Anyway, we go to dinner and we arrive and their parking lot is really full! The attendant tells us it's Drag Queen bingo night! What? We stumbled into it!! AND I won!!! BINGO!!!!!!! Yep the 2nd game we played I won. Which was too fun because if you win, you have to go up and they put a wig and crown on you and you have to walk/run through the restaurant while all the other players pelt you with their balled up bingo cards! No worries, the cards are just paper, yes I proudly took that! I won $30 in Hamburger Patties bucks so it paid for our dinner! The fates just wanted me there last night I guess... And I haven't laughed that hard for a while, what a kick!!! Be well… Tj.

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AutumnLeaves said...

What fun, TJ! I admire your spirit too! (I'd probably have passed on the win after seeing what the first winner had to do! LOL)