Friday, May 14, 2010

Checking in!

I have been reassigned at work to a special project that has been ongoing for the last 3 or so years. It is a huge project, attempting to create one web based system from about 40 legacy systems. It is now on a really aggressive time line. Was originally supposed to implement now, or actually I think it was April, but they didn't meet that date. Implementation is now schedule for September 19, 2011 which is still very quick for what needs to be done. Surprising, I have not been involved with this project. Surprising because I am a business analyst and work with IT, and have been involved with most of the IT projects that have happened for the last 10 years in our division. I some how escaped... until now. I am playing catch up. The amount of documentation is astronomical. And some of the design makes me scrunch up my face and scratch my head. What? How does that support business needs? So now, what we are looking at is making design changes that we can get in, there are 50,000 hours allocated for this, and make our process work with what we have. Ug. Designing the system to support business needs from the beginning would have made more sense don't you think? Anyway, what I'm getting at is... work is exhausting these days!!!

Last Friday night I attended an art show at my nephew Thaddeus school. He attends a junior high and high school combo. It is a new school and is just beautiful! I was blown away by the talent there. Beautiful wonderful art! I thought I'd share a few photos... the first 2 are Thaddeus with his piece that was in the show, and a close up of his art. There are self portraits and flowers and mandalas, sculptures and pottery. And clay rainsticks of many types. What a lucky kid to be able to attend such a creative school! I'm proud of you Thaddeus!!! Be well everyone! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Good luck with the job stuff, TJ. Sounds like lots to do and little time to do it. Thaddeus' art work is fabulous as is that of his fellow students.

JEN ZONE said...

Incredible art. Amazing space. Thaddeus has talent!