Saturday, May 1, 2010

True life story #732

Driving down 16th street today this guy whizzes by me, black leather vest full of patches, little black half moon helmet, some big biker dude in a big fat hurry. Of course at the next light I come crusin' up next to him. I was looking at his patches on his vest, notice there is a flock of bats painted on the front of his... what... wait a minute... that is a Vespa! Ha ha ha ha, I thought he was on a Harley but it was a scooter! Now that was funny.... note to self, don't judge a book by it's cover! Be well... Tj.


Autumn Leaves said...

Well, it sure looks cute and quite European in black!

A girl addicted to game said...

you lead so interesting life.

IV said...

Nice to watch a Vespa also at the States ;) Here we got a lot. One of my colleagues has a wonderful red one with a seat in vainilla colour so wonderful :)
Take care TJ. Nice Art and creativity you have! Regards from Spain, Seville :)