Friday, May 7, 2010

Honey Bee Art show and benefit tomorrow!!

Bee art show is tomorrow! I am so excited! There are 60 artists participating in this show, wow! That is quite a response! There is going to be music, food, representatives from the Sacramento bee keepers association, UC Davis Dept of Entomology will have a bee observation hive and will be there to answer questions. There are going to be other educational exhibits and free honey samples. Should be fun!! To read more this is the article from the UC Davis news here!

Here are the little miniature paintings I did for the show. 3x3 miniature canvas with a little easel. Also, I'll be showing my larger paintings, Sunflower Bliss and Beehive Hairdo in earlier posts below! I am very happy to be participation in this show, I hope I sell some paintings so I can help save the bees!!!! That's all for now... Bee well! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Good luck, TJ! I hope you sell all of your pieces! These little minis are delightful!

IV said...

Bee lovely :) Yes, defently you are TJ! So positive thinking and sharing mind! :) I like it!
I was thinking about you some days ago when I was speaking with one of my best friends, Cati, she is a painter also. She told me she descover a web site so wonderful with great paintings and also there you can get more others links to other blogs with more and more people, great painters. I will let you here the web site, just in case you would like to take a look at it. :)
Have a wonderful day! Regards.

Inma :)