Sunday, May 23, 2010

More new art!

I had a nice day with my daughter today, we went out to brunch and then to a matinée to see the musical Cinderella. It was so good! The cast was wonderful, the costumes were magical and shiny, and well just a great production. Lots of kicks and giggles. Great music too! It was good to spend time with my daughter... Love you Linz!

One of my friends at work has been asking about a few paintings I have photos of at my desk. She refers to one of them as the moon painting. It is really a kind of self portrait I did when I first started painting and not a moon but I can see why she would think it was from the small photo I have. So, I decided to copy my self portrait but do a moon! The other 2 paintings she has been asking about were paintings that I have up on my walls at home, but my house is filling up so I am going to take all 3 of them in to show her. She asked about prints, but I failed and have never looked into doing prints. So I'll take the originals!

The first one is the self portrait, next is the moon, sun tattoo and power woman.

Well tomorrow is Monday... insert big sigh here. Until next time... Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

You have such a bold style, TJ, and it is always beautiful. I like all of these paintings and have to admit, the thumbnail looked like a moon to me too! LOL Gorgeous colors!

Kay said...

these are fun and atractive..I put my art on Red Bubble and can get prints and cards made from them..just a thought

Beatrix said...

Love your work...especially your banner flowers...makes me feel happy!!!

Karen said...

Hi TJ:

I saw a piece of artwork you did from a 1917 newspaper that said something like: "Future of newsprint looking grim..." I would love to see if it's for sale or how to just get a photocopy of the original newspaper, etc. Please contact me: Thanks! - Karen