Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Almost vacation!

I'm taking a little weekend vacation with my daughter. I am so happy! We are going to Dillon Beach CA, on the coast so it will be nice and cool and the little house I rented overlooks the beach! Here is a photo from the website... Nice!

I can't wait to sit and watch the waves, ahhh.... LOVE Dillon Beach! This rental company has lots of houses in various sizes if anyone is interested... Dillon Beach Rentals. But we have big plans for the weekend too! We are going to be crafting and making art all weekend. Lindsey has some hair clips and earrings she wants to create out of buttons. She has picked out some vintage buttons from my mom's collection that we are going to make molds from out of with polymer clay. Then we are going to create new buttons from the molds and she is going to use to create! I am also goinng to be making some little roses, hearts, sugar skulls, and other things out of clay. I purchased a dozen small unfinished wooden boxes and I am going to create some day of the dead altar/niche's that I plan to put up for sale. We'll see how it goes, they look beautiful in my mind! I really enjoyed doing my altar last year, so I thought I'd give this a try, this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity for testing my theories. I'll post some pics next week.

We are taking our 2 little dogs with us, so we'll probably also be going for some walks on the beach and of course doing some relaxing! We also invited my brother Tim and nephew Thaddeus along. We have been taking family vacations for years together. Tim and his kids and our family, but the kids are all growing up and timing was off this year for taking a whole week vacation together. Tim and Thaddeus are really busy with scouts. But, after Lindsey and I booked this house, Tims said maybe they could do a weekend somewhere... well I said, as it happens Lindsey and I are going to Dillon Beach, and you are welcome to come too! The house has a whole downstairs with room to sleep 4 or 5 and we aren't going to use it. So, they are going to join us. We explained we are going to be doing art all weekend, but they are welcome to come and hang out, and they were free this weekend! I'm glad. No family vacation would just be wrong. Even thought it won't be all of us (usually 7), and it won't be a whole week, it will just have to do! Thaddeus is very creative, I'm sure he'll join in the fun.

If you have never been to Dillon Beach, and get the opportunity, GO! It is a beautiful, quiet little beach town, about an hour north of SF. The village has lots of cute little beach houses, the beach is wonderful and you can walk for miles. Just through the town and down near the bay there is a huge campground, Lawsons Landing, and you can go digging for giant clams. See a bubble in the sand... dig dig dig dig dig... grab it by the neck and pull! Ok, I've never actually done it but I've witnessed it a couple of times. Dirty messy work! Well, until next time... be well and be creative! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

What a fun post, TJ. Your description of Dillon Beach (and photo) reminds me of Cannon Beach up in OR. Love it there too! Have a great time!!

Tj Lev said...

Oh yes Cannon Beach! LOVE it there! My aunt and uncle owned the Cannon Beach bakery when I was younger, have we had this conversation? I spent lots of time in Cannon Beach!