Friday, July 30, 2010

For inquiring minds! (Sherry)

Our all too short vacation was nice, it was cold there but we had fun! I don't think it got to 60 degrees the whole weekend! Burrr... but we are having an unusually cool summer here, even in Sacramento we are much cooler than expected for July. The spot in Dillon Beach was beautiful, we could see right down to the beach and watch all the crazy people playing in the surf. The little house was cute, and very user friendly. I'll post some vacation pics soon, they are still on my camera!

I got quite a bit of art done over the weekend, which was my plan. I actually finished (or almost) 3 little altars and started another 10 or so, I'll be putting all on Etsy once I get my shop up and running. It is a lot of work! Who knew. I've created a starting inventory of small paintings. Took pictures of them, got the banner created for my store. What's left is to write up shop description, shop policies, item descriptions... write write write. Anyway it's taking me longer than I anticipated. Hopefully soon! Once I have it set up and opened I'll post it here for the world to see! Here is a sneak peek... I did a couple of different little, miniture painting series. Cottages series, and a series I'm calling the Golden Ring series, kind of tribal art. So here is the Daisey cottage, and the Green Power Woman. Both will be up for sale on Etsy... once I get it open!!! Be well... Tj

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Autumn Leaves said...

So glad to hear that you had a nice time, TJ. Personally the cooler weather would be a most welcome relief for this die hard northern climes girl. I so dislike summers here; too hot, too humid. I absolutely love that little cottage painting! The other? Well, let me say that I love how your mind works!