Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday a day to relax...

Well not totally, I do have to work today, but no home repair jobs! Yippee!! Tonight my husband Joe is playing with the Bayou Boys Band at Harmony on the River. A concert series in Riverwalk park in West Sacramento, so I'm taking the night off! http://www.cityofwestsacramento.org/cityhall/departments/pcs/specialevents.cfm Last year was very fun, lots of people to watch and of course the music was excellent! Today should be nice too, the temps are not too bad and the air is so much better now! The Bayou Boys are a Cajun Zydeco band, really fun music and the band has a following of dancers! Some really cute older couples who really know Zydeco dancing. It is really fun to watch and there are several line dances too so you don't need a partner which is good for me since mine is on the stage!! I am looking forward to just having an enjoyable night and listening to my hubby do his thing! One of my favorite pastimes!
Last night I steam cleaned the carpet in Lindsey's room. That is a sweaty job, that steam cleaner really brings up the humidity! The carpet looks better, but there are a lot of paint splatters that didn't come out. Lindsey was told by her step grandma that Colgate shaving cream would take out the paint, she was on her hands and knees scrubbing spots. They did seem to come out a little… but there are a LOT of spots left to scrub. I'll let her do that if she wants. :)
I also had another Ukulele lesson last night. I am taking lessons at the Guitar Workshop where my husband teaches. http://www.guitarworkshoponline.com/index.htm I am really enjoying that time. My teacher, Doug Pauly, is really relaxed and makes it fun and doesn't yell at me when I don't practice! I really need to practice more and told myself to take 15 minutes before bed each night and just do it! We'll see if that works. But I am having so much fun playing… Last night I learned the song Sidewalks of New York! I have been learning all these old songs, Bicycle Built for Two, She'll be Coming Round the Mountain. Lots of the songs we do at song circle, which we haven't gone to in too long! More on that some other time.
I am looking forward to our vacation at the ocean at the end of the month! I thought I'd post one of my beach scenes I painted, this was done in March this year, I call it Beach Star!. Be well! Tj.

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