Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I am grateful.

I am a fortunate person. I have a wonderful family and days filled with love. I am happy with my life, satisfied with my job, although I can’t wait to retire from it. I am happy with what I do and that I get opportunities to create. I have always had a creative outlet of some sort, usually not at my job, so I am always looking to find ways to open up, let loose, and get my artistic juices to flow! I joined a group of creative women recently, called the Swell Sister Society, hello Sisters! It is a sisterhood of women dedicated to inspire our artistic selves. We come together to support each other and explore the arts. I am so excited to see where it takes us all and extremely happy I stumbled upon it. Again, I am fortunate! To find out more about the Swell Sister Society go to

I receive an e-newsletter at work called the Navigator. It had some very interesting thoughts this week about personal growth and success. When I read it, I thought I am using SOAP, it makes much sense to me so I thought I would share! Read on...

“To find your purpose in life you have to use SOAP.


Don't waste life chasing after things you never can obtain or possess. Know what makes you successful and pursue it with as much passion and energy as you possibly can. Success is not about job security or money--it is about fulfillment and doing what you enjoy.


Most problems in life are disguised as opportunities. For every problem you encounter there are at least four or five opportunities that come along with it. Don't be afraid to try something new--take a risk.


Humans are the only creatures on earth that can choose their attitudes--be it positive or negative. Each morning as you awake, take charge of your attitude and decide to be positive. Quit being miserable and bringing others down. Change your attitude--change your life.


Write down what you are going to do differently, your goal, or career choice. If you don't write it down--it will probably never happen. Start now. There is a great purpose, a fantastic life waiting for you!”

So... go out and Live! The time is now, the date today, go grab it and be well!! Tj.

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