Thursday, July 17, 2008


I haven't been so good about keeping up my blog, hopefully that will improve! I've been so busy at night, still remodling and going to Lowes so often I think it is my home away from home. Now at work I'm on a new project and in meetings all day long. So, no time at my computer at all. Someday again, I'll get more time! So, raccoons. I live downtown Sacramento who would think we would have raccoons but... last night around 10pm I heard this weird rustling sound on my back porch. The dogs were in the house, as were the 2 inside cats I have. I went to look out the window and there were 2 raccoons!!! SURPRISE! I have one outdoor cat, he pees in the house even though he's been fixed since he was a kitten so he's banned to live outside. I usually feed him in the am on the back porch. And he usually finishes it all, but there was some left yesterday. Now understand, our back porch is on the second story and I feed him on this little table, on the second story. I know we have skunks in the neighborhood and they will come after food if left out, so I am pretty careful. I have also seen possums but rarely, and there of course are mice and rats and all the other kinds of urban critters. But raccoons? I had no idea! I know they can be pretty mean, and they are intelligent and they have thumbs so they can open things like unlocked doors!!! YIKES! I guess I'll have to be even more careful now. Lindsey and I stood at the back door, one of them stood up and looked at us through the door, no fear. Well until I pounded on the back door screen. We have a security door so it made a pretty loud noise, and the dogs came running over so they were scared off. But I'm sure now that they found a food source they'll be back looking.

Have not painted anything in what seems like months. I miss it! On vacation, (9 days and counting!) I plan to paint and paint... and then paint again! Here is a painting of one of my favorite places, Haystack Rock, in Cannon Beach Oregon. This painting I attempted to place a tree in the foreground, and the rock off in the distance. If you look closely you can see tiny people sitting on a log, (or maybe this photo is too small to see but it's supposed to be me and my nephew Thaddeus) and someone walking in the sand greeting them.

Tonight is the Swell Sisters meeting!!! I am looking forward to getting my creative juices flowing again and seeing all of my swell sisters!!

Be well. Tj.


Rogalaca said...

I like this beach piece.

Tj Lev said...

Thank you I appreciate it!