Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tru life stories #64 and 197

True life story #64

Tree removal happening 2 houses down from us. Well actually it's a small apartment complex, 6 units, sits on the side street from us. There has been a dead tree there for a few years, they are taking it out today. But those tree guys are scaring me! So, here are a couple of photos, the first you can see his legs in about the middle of the photo.

The next I zoomed out. You can see the top of the dead tree, he is now closer to the bottom of the photo. He cut that tree right there, and it fell down right on top of the roof of the front apartment! Ouch!! The guy on the ground with the rope didn't seem to pull at all. Did they mean to do that?? I have no idea. Tj.

True life story # 197

The street where I live is often like the whole world... the culture and diversity I see from my porch amazes me sometimes. This morning there was a drum core playing down at the park for some event. The beat of the drums were competing with the chainsaw cutting the tree next door. Here is my view to the park, zoomed it to see the festivities as they are winding down.

Our home sits half a block from the Southside park where concerts and all kinds of events take place, I zoomed out as if you are sitting on my front steps looking toward the park. I am 5 blocks from my office. We are about a mile from Old Sacramento, the Capitol, the K street mall, the Sacramento Convention Center and much more. It's a great place to be! Tj.


AutumnLeaves said...

Sounds like you had quite a chorus going on, TJ. (And by the way, I meant to say "harken," not "harden" in my last comment.) Thanks for the more info on that cutie Pixi. Are you painting anything currently?

Tj Lev said...

That is funny Sherry, I read harken, my mind saw it the correct way! And yes I am working on another laundry painting, a street scene from a photo a friend took in Monterosso Italy. They captured many laundry scenes for me to choose from!